The Efficiency of the Virtustream muVM

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The Efficiency of the Virtustream muVM

First, what is Virtustream µVM?

Virtustream µVM resource management is the company’s patented cloud resource management technology. A µVM is a standardized, fine-grained bundle of computing resources that allows accurate provisioning and management of cloud resources .

Read this informative whitepaper to learn how Virtustream µVM cloud resource management enables true consumption pricing and billing.

It highlights the significant advantages of Virtustream cloud resource management’s true consumption-based approach over the allocation-based method of other clouds:

  • Reduced Cost based on true consumption during cloud resource allocation

  • Simplified application and infrastructure planning for cloud resource management

  • Improved performance with smart resource pooling using Virtustream’s cloud computing resource management software.

  • Unified measurement and billing for all resources allocation in cloud computing

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