The Efficiency of the Virtustream muVM

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The Virtustream μVM is a fine-grained unit of measurement designed to fairly and accurately measure the actual consumption of cloud resources in xStream-powered clouds. It is a new approach towards cloud resource measurement that allows for the fair and accurate cloud resource provisioning and measurement of resources in clouds. xStream uses µVM data to dynamically tailor cloud resource allocation to meet workload requirements. Each application is assessed for its resource needs and the optimal set of μVMs is combined to ensure that resource usages are monitored, and performance SLAs are met for each resource.

Enterprises who are looking to optimize their infrastructure by using a standardized unit of measure that accounts for the most critical attributes affecting workload performance in a data center, here is the whitepaper that shed light on every aspect of Virtustream μVM. Find out:

  • How the cloud services are measured?

  • What are the different ways of measuring and allocating resources in cloud?

  • How should you measure clouds?

  • What is consumption based billing in cloud?

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