VMware Debuts Horizon DaaS for Enterprise Virtual Desktops

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 13, 2014

PALO ALTO: Cloud is all about accessing your data anytime, anywhere and from any device. And now virtualization and cloud solution provider, VMware has launched latest of its products—Horizon Desktop as a Service for enterprise virtual desktops running on VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.

According to the blog entry of Sumit Dhawan, VP and GM of Desktop Products, End-User Computing at VMware, the Horizon DaaS running on VMware vCloud Hybrid Service will be a game changer as it enables customers to quickly deploy full Windows client desktops and applications, and deliver them through the cloud. Most importantly, this can be accomplished at a predictable and low price point of roughly $1 per day.

This new release is the industry’s first hybrid DaaS service giving customers the ability to mix public cloud desktops and on-premise VMware Horizon View private cloud desktops for a flawless end-user experience. In minimal steps, IT firms can provision, install and direct high quality; virtual desktops and applications to end-users that can be operated from laptops, desktops, zero/thin clients, Chromebooks, and mobile devices.

Unlike other DaaS providing solutions, Horizon DaaS supports Windows server and Remote Desktop Services environments as well as full Windows Client Desktops in a cost efficient manner.

VMware Horizon DaaS sustain enterprise mobility by enabling end-user access to full Windows desktops and applications through the cloud across multiple devices. In this way expenses are brought down along with the predictable monthly subscription rates and deployment of the services can be accelerated for the right blend of on-premise and off-premise/cloud virtual desktops.

"Our experience working with customers deploying DaaS in the last several years have shown that the majority prefers a blended environment with both on-premise and cloud desktops. However, very few solutions in the market can deliver a seamless end-user experience across multiple clouds like VMware Horizon DaaS,” said Dhawan.