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Brad Bostic, Chairman & CEO
Driven by the rise of consumerism and the shift from volume to value-based incentives, healthcare competition is increasing resulting in a growing need for personalized service and better coordination across the industry. Between health systems, labs, physician practices, post acute, and home care settings, profiles that combine clinical and business information are necessary to improve the quality of the experience, effectiveness of care, and overall health of the population. Building on this industry-wide need for comprehensive healthcare profiles and improved relationship management, Indianapolis, IN based hc1.com invented a cloud-based Healthcare Relationship Management platform built from the ground up to provide tailored healthcare CRM and engagement to address the unique needs of providers and patients. “The hc1 healthcare relationship management cloud solution allows individuals to receive highly personalized service and to be actively engaged throughout their entire healthcare journey,” said Brad Bostic, Chairman and CEO of hc1.com.

Bostic realized that while healthcare entities store an abundance of data at both the provider and patient level, the clinical and business data needed to deliver personalized service has been trapped in various data siloes. The challenge lies in transforming the massive volumes of diagnostic data and business data into holistic provider and patient profiles to drive action and foster a consistent, personalized healthcare experience. Through advanced data science that unifies key information, hc1 optimizes relationships between healthcare professionals and with patients across health systems, labs, post acute care organizations, outpatient facilities, and home health, thus facilitating transparency in communication and improving the quality of care.

The disparate data required by various departments including sales, operations, and client service have historically been combined, if at all, through manual processes that take months and result in old, inaccurate information that is not actionable and is virtually useless for improving service quality. hc1 was developed to address this complex challenge in a manner that delivers near immediate return on investment for the healthcare enterprise. “hc1 automatically converts siloed clinical and business data into comprehensive patient, provider, health system, and payer profiles that provide up-to-the-moment, critical intelligence to facilitate the highest levels of service, through action and accountability, while reducing costs,” said Bostic.
In order to bring the high quality, customer-centric ‘Amazon experience’ to the healthcare industry, hc1 empowers the professionals who are tasked with leading and managing healthcare organizations to examine the quality of their customer relationships and to make the necessary changes to maximize financial performance while efficiently delivering personalized service. The platform, which includes healthcare-specific CRM and one-to-one Campaign Management capabilities, also allows healthcare teams to better engage and collaborate with each other to effectively manage patient relationships.

For example, hc1.com has helped Eskenazi Health—one of the nation’s largest critical access hospitals serving many low-income patients—to deliver a more personalized experience. Under the Charity Care Program, this patient population must prove their inability to pay in order to receive no-fee treatment. Eskenazi was in need of a way to educate patients about the new state supported insurance program, HIP 2.0, available to individuals who would otherwise lack access to affordable health insurance. Utilizing the hc1 Healthcare Relationship Management platform, Eskenazi was able to identify and match profiles of eligible patients eligible to be insured under the program and confirm a financial counseling appointment to coincide with office visits that had already been scheduled. The eligible individuals are educated, select, and ultimately enroll in the insurance program of their choice resulting in a better healthcare experience for the patient and Eskenazi Health.

hc1 transforms clinical and business data into comprehensive profiles to personalize the healthcare experience through insight, action, and accountability

hc1.com is able to ingest and organize the massive amounts of clinical and business data generated every day and translate it into actionable insight that drastically improves the overall healthcare experience for healthcare professionals and the patients they serve.


Indianpolis, IN

Brad Bostic, Chairman & CEO

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