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Tim Quigley, CCO
Today’s healthcare organizations, which operate in one of the most highly regulated industries, are increasingly adopting cloud technology as a result of advanced features including collaboration, accessibility, flexibility, efficiency, and security. However, many cloud solutions currently available in the market are generic “one size fits all” offerings. As every healthcare institution is unique and has different issues—complex security, compliance, access, integration, user experience, cost containment, and more— generic solutions fail to help. Instead, a reliable partner is needed that offers tailor-made solutions for problems that are unique to each healthcare setting.

CloudWave has been in the health IT industry for years and offers multi-cloud and on-premises IT solutions to overcome the challenges hospitals and healthcare providers face today. The company provides cloud and managed services software hosting for healthcare electronic health record (EHR) and enterprise applications, including fully managed compute, storage, disaster recovery, archiving, backup, security, and systems management. Moreover, CloudWave is also serving as a reliable white label partner for various independent software vendors (ISVs).

With an increase in ransomware attacks, demand for an immutable backup is growing more than ever. To mitigate the situation, CloudWave employs its OpSus Backup and Recover solution to create a tertiary copy of the hosting system that remains detached from the primary and secondary backup. This standalone copy has its own distinct security protocols, locked to prevent encryption, edits, and deletes. The protected extra copy is separated from the rest of the data storage and IT environment, and particularly, from the domain structure, for an extra layer of insurance. Therefore, if a catastrophic event occurs where a healthcare organization’s primary and secondary data centers are corrupted, this third copy—the immutable backup—can be restored much more quickly than working around corrupted primary and secondary copies. This becomes a critical element in recovering from a ransomware attack as the restoration of the immutable backup is done without needing to pay the ransom.

Additionally, CloudWave also provides an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution-OpSus Edge-that delivers the same award-winning OpSus Live cloud hosting service but on hardware located at the hospital’s own data center. This addresses some of the challenges healthcare institutions may face with cloud services such as network connectivity, data sovereignty, or capital funding requirements.
While it is hard to believe, even in this day and age, most cloud service platforms do not have a dedicated team for the healthcare sector. This makes it even harder for hospitals and clinics to address their EHR and cybersecurity issues. Unlike other cloud service platforms and ISVs, CloudWave focuses specifically on the healthcare field and its unique requirements. Ultimately, the cloud deployment and operations partnership with CloudWave allows hospitals to focus on delivering the highest quality care without straining their valuable time and resources. “What differentiates CloudWave is our complete focus on the healthcare market and our mission to help doctors, nurses, and clinicians in serving patients,” says Tim Quigley, CCO of CloudWave.

What differentiates CloudWave is our complete focus on the healthcare market and our mission to help doctors, nurses, and clinicians in serving patients

With its OpSus services and other integrated solutions, CloudWave has helped more than 235 healthcare organizations in the US, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. For instance, Peterson Health, a not-for-profit hospital, had a small IT staff to handle onsite data management, backup, and recovery. The team was also required to add storage, compute, and network capacity, and was struggling with their network backup to sustain the overall growth. Along with unsatisfactory backup quality, test restores struggled to function optimally. The hospital needed a reliable cloud partner to handle backups, and they looked to their trusted partner, CloudWave, to handle daily backup operations and implement a full disaster recovery strategy. As expected, CloudWave expertly deployed its OpSus Backup and Recover solution to solve the hospital’s data protection challenges. This collective strategy provided diligent support, security, and protection for Peterson Health’s mission-critical EHR and enterprise systems.

The CloudWave team continues to innovate, evolve, and add additional OpSus cloud services to fulfill the demands of healthcare organizations. By “doing IT right,” they are helping hospitals focus on serving their patients better.


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Tim Quigley, CCO and Erik Littlejohn, president and CEO; Jim Fitzgerald, executive vice president and chief strategy officer; Matt Donahue, CTO; Joseph Badziong, CFO; Mark Middleton, vice president and chief quality officer; Bryan Blood, executive vice president, sales and; Jen Gesner, corporate vice president.

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