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Frankie Basso, President and COO In the digital era, effective content management is essential for businesses to create, edit, collaborate, publish, and store content. Most companies, however, still rely on legacy content management systems that do not align with modern technologies. The endeavour to retrofit the legacy tools potentially developed before the internet into private and public clouds is not only risky but requires extensive manual coding.

Addressing this challenge requires a comprehensive content services platform that can transition an organization's content ecosystem to the next generation while maintaining legacy content access. An undisputed leader that checks all the boxes is Systemware.

"The next time that you go online to view or download your credit card statement or your auto insurance policy, it is likely that the document passed through a Systemware Content Cloud component"

Systemware has been a pioneer in the enterprise content management space for over four decades, helping the world's largest and most highly regulated organizations capture content from a variety of business systems and deliver it in the exact context needed for each business line. Systemware's intelligent content services platform, Content Cloud, delivers optimized performance in public, private, mainframe or hybrid cloud environments, as well as a fully hosted SaaS, making the journey from document management to ECM and content services seamless for companies.

"We provide a fast migration strategy to move content from legacy enterprise content management or third-party repositories to Content Cloud without disrupting clients' everyday business workflow," says Frankie Basso, the President and COO at Systemware.

Designed and Built as Cloud Architecture

Content Cloud is an all-in-one content management platform. Whether clients are seeking an on-premise or Systemware hosted fully outsourced cloud solution, Systemware Content Cloud provides flexible deployment options for organizations. Regardless of where the information resides now, or in the future, Systemware’s all-in-one content services platform enables clients to find and extract content across multiple connected systems through a single point of access. Systemware Content Cloud allows the information assets that power an organization to work together – seamlessly.
The platform was built from the ground up to be deployed in any available architecture. All the components operate independently and interact seamlessly to create a cohesive experience. The node-based architecture allows clients to run components on just about any system, from the mainframe to on-premise distributed environments and pure public cloud, or any hybrid combination.

Always a Step Ahead in the Market

The platform's flexible deployment options are the result of Systemware's relentless spirit of innovation and desire to disrupt age-old norms.

When the initial conversation about utilizing cloud technologies took off, most large organizations were reluctant to store their crucial data in the public cloud. However, Systemware recognized that cloud was going to be the game-changer.

"We focused on updating our software architecture to support containerization, orchestration, object storage, and other beneficial cloud features. The feeling was that even if a client was slow to move to the public cloud, they would still be looking to utilize these technologies on internal cloud-based systems," says Basso.

Fast forward to today; Content Cloud has become the go-to partner for clients' content management initiatives. Even after that enormous success, Systemware has not stopped innovating. The company realizes that it is difficult for many clients to replace their older content management systems. Some organizations have had their systems in place for decades, and the idea of migration is scary. And businesses striving to migrate struggle with a lack of resources regarding modern technology adoption.

To address these challenges, Systemware provides clients with a full set of managed services to help them confidently modernize their operations. The company has partnered with Dallas-based Cabnit to provide fully managed services to clients. No matter what a client requires—be it an in-house, outsourced, or hybrid solution—Systemware experts can handle their content management needs for them.

This capability has enabled Systemware to build long-lasting relationships with clients across diverse industry verticals, including banking, retail, transportation, and insurance.

"The next time that you go online to view or download your credit card statement or your auto insurance policy, it is likely that the document passed through a Systemware Content Cloud component," says Basso.

In one instance, the largest fleet management company in North America asked Systemware to implement Content Cloud and migrate their historical records. Even though it was the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, the team stepped up to the challenge, helping the client become fully operational in 36 hours.
In another instance, one of the nation's largest brewers was struggling to run its operations with an aging content management system and approached Systemware. In under two weeks, Systemware helped them replace the system and become operational.

Meeting the Needs of Current and Future Customers

Systemware's competent product development team is the biggest driver of its success. Its engineers are committed to understanding current technology trends and creating innovative advancements in the content management field. This keeps the infrastructure of the Content Cloud on a solid footing. More importantly, Systemware believes that the best way to drive the product roadmap is to be in continual communication with clients, seeking their input on future direction. This enables the company to align its products with clients' diverse business requirements.

In addition to continual one-on-one communications, Systemware sponsors an annual user group meeting where clients discuss future direction by representing ideas. This is, in fact, the process that led Systemware to be an early adopter of cloud technologies and prioritize the managed services offering.

We provide a fast migration strategy to move content from legacy enterprise content management or third-party repositories to Content Cloud without disrupting clients' everyday business workflow

"Along with clients, we create an accurate roadmap that meets the needs of current and future Systemware customers," states Basso.

With an ability to make long-term decisions, Systemware has been instrumental in championing client-centered objectives rather than shareholder imperatives. The company has been helping its clients simplify content management strategies for decades and has undoubtedly become the answer to solving the complexities of content management today. As more companies move to the public cloud, Systemware stands at the cusp of delivering containerized software deployment options for AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and IBM.

"With companies embracing cloud technologies and new cloud-based applications, we see ourselves working more with these third parties and allowing Content Cloud to both feed and collect data from external applications," says Basso. "We already provide a well-defined interface to a number of external applications, and we see that the list of connectors will continue to grow as new services that our clients require become available."

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Frankie Basso, President and COO

Systemware, Inc. provides content services solutions that capture, organize, manage and deliver the exact information when it is needed and in the right context. Founded in 1981, Systemware quickly established itself as a developer of products that effectively manage enterprise content

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