10 Most Promising Cloud Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Organizations across the globe are embracing digital transformation plans and projects, with cloud computing forming the de facto platform for fueling these modernization efforts. While companies are now being “cloudified,” business agility and cost savings have been accelerated more than ever in the wake of increased accessibility, security, and storage capabilities. According to a report by Gartner, the cloud technology services market is expected to grow by 17.3 percent in 2019, and by the following year, almost 90 percent of organizations will utilize it to improve their offerings. While the technology excites many with the promise of unlimited data storage and the ability to access or share it from across the globe, the need of the hour is to identify the exact organizational requirements to be fulfilled before making the shift. Companies with multiple applications running on legacy systems should have a clear understanding of the variety of cloud services available in the current marketplace before they can identify the provider best suited to their requirements.

The right service provider for a business should provide a balance of customer support for problems that continue affecting its clients, and an innovation plan that fits the long-term needs of its clients. The overall portfolio of services offered by a cloud service provider should be taken into consideration, while a service and integration roadmap might aid organizations in identifying vendors who align their own growth plans.

The organizational location also has a key role to play in deciding the appropriate cloud service provider. Regulatory and data privacy rules governing personal data might bring in specific requirements for certain companies, so it is vital to understand how organizational data can be secured in keeping with regulatory compliance requirements. The architecture provided by the service provider and the support it ensures to customers is pivotal in shortlisting appropriate consulting or service providers from the market. Most importantly, the selected vendor should be aware of the client’s business objectives and their decision to move to the cloud, and aid in a seamless migration process that minimizes downtime. The right blend of technical expertise and services is what companies look for providing excellent service to their end-users.

The cloud technology also provides its users with the advantage of enhanced data security. As opposed to traditional data storage systems where information could be stolen, lost, or damaged due to multiple reasons—ranging from power outages and manual errors to cyber attacks—the cloud for storing information ensures its security, owing to the need to meet regulatory compliance requirements. In addition, the technology offers advanced data backup and recovery measures, which ensures that little information is lost accidentally.

As the number of cloud consulting and service providers braving the competition to provide better consulting and services to business organizations has filled to the brim, choosing an appropriate provider is a cumbersome, yet magnanimous task for CTOs, CIOs, and CEOs. CIOReview magazine’s editorial team, with the support and guidance from cloud technology veterans and industry analysts, has selected a list of cloud consulting/service providers that streamline business processes and define the path to success.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Cloud Consulting/Services Companies 2019.”

Top Cloud Companies

iV4, a two-time Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner, holds expertise in multiple Microsoft's product categories helpful in developing business workplaces like Microsoft’s Azure, infrastructure security and compliance related products. Being deeply integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, iV4 receives access to many of the same resources and presentations as internal Microsoft teams, which allows them to be more responsive in customer engagements and less dependent on Microsoft employee assistance. Delivering quality customer support service is probably the reason why iV4 retains most of its happy clients

WGroup is an IT consulting firm with a peer-to-peer approach to IT strategy, cost optimization, and operational improvements. WGroup provides sourcing, technology, and business operations strategy, execution, and management. The company’s team is comprised of consultants with over two decades’ experience as former C-suite executives and IT leaders. The firm boasts a clientele that includes more than 200 Fortune 1000 companies across a wide range of industries. WGroup is known for an outcome-driven, customer-specific and agnostic approach that optimizes IT operations and minimizes costs

Mission Cloud Services

Mission is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that enables its clients to harness the power of the cloud to fuel innovation and drive the growth of their businesses. Not only it designs, migrates, manages, and optimizes cloud environments, but also immerses itself in understanding its clients' mission. Mission's job is to provide the expertise, resources, and strategic insight to transform the cloud infrastructure of businesses. The company's engineers have been working in the cloud since the beginning and have gathered deep experience working with enterprises across a range of industries


Netgain is a leading cloud provider and a strategic IT business partner to organizations in the healthcare, financial, and legal verticals that require stringent regulatory compliance adherence. The company delivers industry-leading IT security, reliability, mobility, stability and compliance, and also deep vertical expertise to anticipate the unique challenges of your industry. More importantly, they help to gain peace of mind and efficient operational ways to streamline operations and eliminate IT-related business headaches, so that clients can get back to what matters most: driving growth for your practice


Nexustek provides maintenance, optimization, and management of IT and Cloud environments for more than thousands of small and medium enterprises. The company offers its clients a trustworthy service in business continuity, productivity, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Nexustek’s expertise is all-encompassing, with sectors like infrastructure, high-touch personal attention, and IT consultations. The motto of the Nexustek is to make IT services work for the company by providing best-in-class support. Along with IT services, the company works on enriching cloud and cybersecurity consulting to enable smoother compliance and safety


Rackspace accelerates the value of the cloud. They meet clients where they are and get them where they need to go, helping them realize the power of digital transformation without the complexity and expense of managing it all by themselves. Rackspace delivers unbiased expertise through its comprehensive portfolio of managed services — across applications, data, security, and infrastructure on the world’s leading cloud platforms — with proven results. They wrap all of their services in Fanatical Experience™: the proactive, results-obsessed approach to serving customers that have driven them for two decades.


Stark & Wayne is a cloud technology consulting firm, offering architectural design, implementation, and operations enablement. These services empower enterprises to operate highly available and extensible platforms on their chosen infrastructure(s). Stark & Wayne engineers bring years of experience and a strong passion for cloud development and automation. From prototyping and architectural design, all the way through to ongoing operations and maintenance, Stark & Wayne offers support for clients throughout all phases of their operations. It helps clients new to cloud environments along with established clients that need additional optimizations


Talend, a provider of cloud data integration and data integrity, enables companies to transform by delivering trusted data at the speed of business. Talend Data Fabric offers a single suite of apps that shorten the time to trusted data. Users can collect data across systems; govern it to ensure proper use, change it into new formats and improve quality, and share it with internal and external stakeholders. Over 3,000 global enterprise customers have chosen Talend to help them turn all their raw data into trusted data to make business decisions with confidence


Cloud migration, Data security, and IT Management is the forte’ of Vology. The firm is a pioneer in combating issues, driving the innovation, and enhancing user experience. Vology believes in simplifying the processes that cause complexity and reducing struggles with respect to IT on a day-to-day basis. Provision of high-quality network and end-user experience the organization requires is a central feature of Vology. Being an all-in-one provider for IT-related technology services, the company assists clients to prosper with its agile, scalable, and flexible cloud services


Webscale, the Digital Cloud Company, helps in converged software for hyperscale cloud automation. Delivered as-a-Service, the Webscale platform allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from infinite scalability, load balancing, high performance, outage prevention, improved security, and simple management in multi-cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Webscale enables digital transformation for B2C, B2B, and B2E e-commerce and enterprise customers in seven countries and six of the Fortune 1000 businesses. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, with offices in Boulder, CO, and Bangalore, India