Cloud Computing Security Public vs Private Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing Security Public vs Private Cloud Computing

For CIOs and CEOs, cloud computing security is still a hot topic for discussion. The debate continues as to whether a public, private or hybrid cloud approach is best. While there are complex factors that can inform a decision between public or private cloud, security is the biggest.

Choosing public vs private cloud services can be challenging, it is important to analyze the differences between applications virtualized in a private cloud and those in a public cloud.

This white paper compares public and private clouds in contrast to the basic elements, features and benefits that both delivers.

This White Paper highlights:

  • How Public and Private Cloud deployment models differs?

  • Cloud Computing Security — Hosted or Local Applications?

  • The trends in Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Which is right for you?

  • An Overview on Security with Private Cloud Computing

  • Implementing Private Cloud Computing with minimal effort and seamless end user experience

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