5 Steps of Moving Apps to the Cloud

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5 Steps of Moving Apps to the Cloud

Before migrating a business-critical application to the cloud, prepare up-front and keep the control you need throughout the process. With the right tools in place, moving an app-even a high-stakes business-critical app-to the cloud doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark.

This whitepaper highlights the five steps you need to prepare for and move apps to the cloud using your performance monitoring tool.

  • See What’s Already In Use- Change user behavior and usage policies for recreational SaaS apps
  • Find Out How Apps Are Performing Now- Use performance monitoring
  • Get a Handle on Bandwidth- Bring good end-user experience for critical applications
  • Remember the Users- Investigate about users who are using the new SaaS service
  • IT Team’s Work is Never Done- Make those SaaS investments worth the time and resources

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