Transforming Industrial Devices into Smart, Cloud-Connected Devices

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Transforming Industrial Devices into Smart, Cloud-Connected Devices

Smart cloud-connected devices are changing how value is created for customers, how companies compete, and how it can be helpful in reshaping the industry structure into a cloud connected IIoT environment.

Secure IIoT On-Ramp Suites are designed to accelerate the transformation of industrial devices into smart, cloud-connected devices. 

This informative whitepaper outlines four simple steps in using IIoT On-Ramp Suite; and in making it simple rather than daunting to develop a roadmap towards a smart, cloud-connected IIoT environment.

This technical whitepaper answers about:

  • What smart, cloud-connected products are and how they can redefine the industry boundaries?

  • How smart cloud-connected devices are transforming companies and their competition?

  • What are the steps involved in transforming semi-smart products into smart, cloud-connected products using the IIoT On-Ramp Suite?

  •  Consumer IoT vs industrial IoT: What are the traditional distinctions between consumer IoT and industrial IoT? What the Consumer IoT can teach the IIoT? 

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