Akamai Technologies: Removing the Complexities of Technology

Tom Leighton, CEO
Vast quantities of video are poised to move on-line, which creates the need for a delivery platform that can provide enormous scale at low cost and high quality. On-line transactions are rapidly moving to mobile devices, creating challenges with performance and capacity. Cyber attacks are dramatically increasing in size and sophistication, creating the need for a new generation of security solutions with vast scale and ever-improving defensive capabilities. Enterprise applications are moving to the cloud, which means that enterprise IT managers need to buy optimization and offload solutions in the form of services that work in the public Internet and hybrid cloud.

As the 'hyperconnected' world rapidly evolves, Akamai is focused on helping businesses overcome the many complexities of having a robust, scalable, secure, and high-performing Web presence.

Since Akamai's founding, it has been at the vanguard of the Internet revolution. From day one, Akamai has worked hard to gain an understanding of how its customers want to use the Internet to make their businesses more agile, customer-centric and profitable. Akamai learned early on that enterprises conducting transactions on-line need those transactions to be fast. And today, user expectations have increased to the point where transactions need to be nearly instantaneous.

Last year, Akamai released its next generation acceleration solutions, Aqua Ion and Terra Alta. These solutions provide even greater acceleration than their predecessors and are specially designed to speed up dynamic applications in the most challenging network and mobile environments.
Akamai has also long understood the critical need for web security. In fact, the Company has been working on cyber security defenses for its platform for over a decade, long before attackers began making headlines by taking down websites for major banks and enterprises. Over the past year, its flagship Kona Site Defender solution has proved to be successful against even the largest and most sophisticated attacks.

Akamai also recently released two new products for sale to carriers. The first is a licensed CDN software suite based on technology obtained through the acquisition of Verivue. The second is a software-as-a-service CDN that provides carriers with media CDN capabilities that can be quickly deployed and with far less upfront investment than is required by competing offerings.

Lastly, Akamai has always played a major role in the delivery of media content — it's how the Company got started. Today, 2,400 customers use Akamai's media services, including all of the 30 largest global media companies. These customers require delivery solutions that can provide high quality at scale and at the lowest possible price, which is why Akamai is continuing to innovate and to invest in these areas.

In summary, Akamai's goal is to deliver on the promise of a truly hyperconnected world, securing and optimizing on-line experiences for everyone and everything, wherever and however they are connected.

Akamai Technologies

Tom Leighton, CEO

Vast quantities of video are poised to move on-line, which creates the need for a delivery platform that can provide enormous scale at low cost and high quality.