LiveOps: The Power of the Cloud in Customer Service

Marty Beard, President & CEO
The increasing expanse of social media and rapid growth of mobile technology are giving a complete makeover to the way customer services are provided. Social and mobile communications are forcing brands to contend with a mega-shift in consumer behavior and expectations for immediate interaction on any given issue coming in from diverse communications channels in the cloud. To live up to such high expectations of customers, it is not enough for the service providers to just make their presence felt in every media. They also need to make the communication easy for the agents as well as the customers.

The customer service market has three major concerns today: contact center agent productivity, consistent delivery of customer service in a multichannel world and cloud contact center security. LiveOps, headquartered in California, addresses these issues and is a leader in cloud contact center and customer service solutions. “Social media has not only opened up new avenues for brands to reach their audience, but it has provided them with a completely new way of obtaining consumer generated data about their own image, products and services in real time,” says Marty Beard, President & CEO of the company.

The quality of customer experience depends on several factors. The first one is the comfort level of the contact center agent. The agents face many technological issues like having to toggle between multiple tabs or having to remember multiple log-in passwords, which can be a cause for lower productivity, frustration and subsequent attrition. Secondly, if the service across channels is inconsistent and the response time is slow, then there is a decrease in brand loyalty and customer lifetime value.
The third aspect is the level of cloud security. It is not easy to ensure reliability and make sure that the data does not fall into the wrong hands when you are dealing with bursts of traffic.

LiveOps addresses these market needs in an effective manner. It offers a single screen view of all past customer interactions which saves the customer service agent from constant toggling. It provides agents with a 360 degree view of the customer and ensures that the most relevant information is seen at the right time which enables the agents to respond quickly and easily. The LiveOps Cloud Contact Center security strategy implements a five layer approach that combats threats with a combination of established best-practices and industry-leading innovation.

ADMS, a leading direct marketer of life and supplemental health insurance, found themselves struggling with the high cost of recruiting and training licensed agents while handling traffic spikes from direct marketing calls for life insurance and they needed to handle traffic spikes while ensuring an 80 percent call completion rate. With LiveOps Talent in the cloud, ADMS could break free from the resource constraints of traditional call centers, realizing a 30 percent lift in conversion rates. “The answer is simple. It all comes down to equipping your largest brand ambassador - the customer service agent with the right tools to provide exceptional customer care on any channel,” says Beard.


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Marty Beard, President & CEO

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