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Mark Shirman, CEO & President
The barriers to migrating existing “brown field” servers into the cloud can be extremely high. The cost and complexity of manually rebuilding physical, virtual or cloud-based servers into a new cloud environment can be overwhelming, averaging five thousand dollars per server and requiring months of development effort. And re-architecting servers into pre-configured cloud templates is not any easier.

Founded in 2009 and San Jose based RiverMeadow Software removes the barriers to entry for a fraction of the cost and without the development headaches, so a business can gain the economic and functional benefits cloud computing has to offer immediately and without hassle.

Led by Mark Shirman, CEO &President, RiverMeadow Software Inc., is the developer of the world's only automated server migration solution developed specifically for carrier and service provider clouds The RiverMeadow SaaS is an API-based platform designed from the ground up to accommodate the broadest range of server-to-cloud migrations. Unlike other solutions that migrate at the application level and have to account for shared file libraries, registry entries and other complex interoperability issues, the RiverMeadow SaaS migrates whole servers and disk volumes. As long as a company’s IaaS platform supports Windows or Linux operating systems, RiverMeadow can migrate source servers “as-is” into their Cloud. This works different from competitor solutions, which involve templating, replication, scripting or even repurposing back-up and recovery tools, RiverMeadow Cloud Migration SaaS automates the process from start to-finish, in less time without the need to install agents or quiesce servers.

The RiverMeadow Advantage

Leveraging the RiverMeadow SaaS into IaaS ecosystems, Service Providers can maximize investment in their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings.
The addressable market for their cloud services becomes larger as a result of being able to accommodate the broade strange of customer needs and source server characteristic variations and complexities. By taking cost and complexity out of the migration equation, RiverMeadow places focus on what really matters, growing and running the most effective and cost efficient business possible.

This helps the company’s customer base which consists of Enterprises and SMBs to focus on the big picture strategy of optimizing their business in and around the cloud while Service Providers are able to focus resources toward delivering products and services that align with the cloud computing strategies of their customers.

“We work with Carriers, Cloud Service Providers and IaaS hardware and software manufacturers to enable cloud computing ecosystems with the most turn key automated solution for cloud on boarding,” says Shirman.

The VMware Connection

In an attempt to help alleviate the cost, complexity and skill-level constraints that limit the ability of companies to achieve a high level of cloud performance RiverMeadow has decided to collaborate with VMware. The RiverMeadow SaaS supports an unlimited number of service providers and enterprise users at a given time. By providing their Cloud URL and credentials, users can instantly access all the processes necessary to automate server migrations from start-to-finish.

"VMware is a leader in virtualization and cloud solutions, and we've got an incredible opportunity to accelerate the adoption of RiverMeadow into the worldwide service provider market. We are excited to continue to support VMware going forward," says Shirman.

RiverMeadow Software

Westford, MA

Mark Shirman, CEO & President

A developer of industry-leading SaaS that automates the migration of physical, virtual and cloud-based servers into and between public, private and hybrid clouds.

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