SLM Sistemas: Taking Your Desktop to The Cloud

CIO VendorGonzalo Araujo Cabarcas, CEO
The hosted virtual desktop plays a crucial role for the success of a cloud project. Users do not need to make intensive use of bandwidth to access the cloud since applications are hosted within a desktop that is in the same cloud of servers and always available to clients. All GUI programs required by the users (Office, SAP, Dynamics, amongst others) are preinstalled and they have access to the infrastructure hosted in the Cloud (IaaS), also to users' backups (BaaS), this hosted desktop can be accessed from any end point device like IPADs, PC, MAC, Android tablets, and many others. Among other advantages is the fact that the desktop can include a solution for unified communication, IP Telephony with Lync, Asterisk or any other. If users did not have their desktop hosted in the cloud, they would have to install applications in each computer and would also require high bandwidth to be able to reach the servers on the cloud.

Tapping upon this opportunity is SLM Sistemas. Founded in 2000 and based in Caracas, Venezuela is a solution developer focused on virtualization and cloud computing. The company is an expert in the area of desktop virtualization, desktop as a service and remote desktop solutions. SLM Sistemas offers applied and functional technology and is one of the pioneers of service based on private, public and hybrid cloud models along with solutions on premise as a starting step in the adaptation process to the cloud.

Among the key products of SLM is a services automation and orchestration solution for virtual desktops hosted in the cloud, VDI and DaaS.
This technology was internally adapted by SLM Sistemas, which is a guarantee of customer satisfaction as they can automate every little piece of the solution hosted in the SLM cloud. This solution is called Galeon VDI.

A Step Ahead of the Competition

SLM Sistemas has the most complete and integral cloud solution existing in the market with operations in all Latin America and development team in Colombia and Venezuela. From the host in United States tier4 data centers, Microsoft and VMware virtual infrastructure and the publication of desktops with custom applications, to secure thin client (gBox) that replace the PC and are perfect in green computing strategy. For the customers that want to maintain servers in their offices, they provide with SLM certified servers, storage and networking and also provide a solution for on premise, called Data Center As a Service (DCaaS).

Currently SLM sistemas is focused on expanding its operations and obtaining the goal of positioning the hosted desktop in all the countries in the region. They are developing new products and services hosted in the cloud in order to offer lump sum solutions to all their customers. The company is focused to help organizations be strategically cloud ready. With an aim to support clients to find success from the technological perspective the company hopes to have more than 120,000 virtual desktops hosted in the cloud by the end of 2016.

SLM Sistemas

Caracas, Venezuela

Gonzalo Araujo Cabarcas, CEO

A provider of Hosted Desktops and cloud computing solutions for Enterprises.