Avanxo: Evolving Latin American Cloud Sector with Most Impacting and Faster Solutions

CIO VendorDiego Maldonado, CEO
Cloud computing is all set to gain prominence in Latin America, bringing about speedy changes in finance, media and business communication segments, among others. The general outlook on cloud is as a means to enhance productivity. For firms of all sizes, integrating rapidly into cloud would mean remaining competitive in the challenging market. Although it remains difficult toarrive at an exact ROI (Return on Investment) through cloud integration, many attempts have been convincingly successful, with users reporting up to fifty percent returns, across the region. The scenario could prove highly productive for firms with the right expertise and approach towards cloud. An ideal example is Avanxo, a cloud pioneer with over eleven years of expertise and strong presence in vital regions including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

The company, incepted in 2003, had an exciting ascend to the top, starting from scratch and exploring possibilities in the cloud. The firm, led by Diego Maldonado, CEO has shown exceptional adherence to their vision; to enhance cloud applications in the technology segment in Latin America. The strong belief in principles made them identify companies and regions with most traction in Latin America, along with following a pack of rules in terms of customers and strategies.

The cloud solutions from Avanxo are target-oriented so that effective optimization of an organization’s processes is materialized.

Companies like Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Google and Success Factors have selected Avanxo as strategic partner in Latin America. Currently, Avanxo is the highest rated Gold Partner implementation partner for Salesforce.com, a business application an development platform through cloud. A proud Maldonado says “we are not only the largest but also the implementation partner with higher customer satisfaction in Latin America for Salesforce.com, we have implemented over 400 projects and have achieved success by training and developing local consulting expertise in each of the countries we are established. We have in our customer base some of the largest companies in Latin America, and are in the unique position to deliver multi-country, multi-language implementations across the region'.
Exploring the world of cloud

Avanxo has demonstrated proven excellence in SaaS implementation, PaaS application development and consulting. From a SaaS perspective, the expert team at the firm works with SalesForce, Success factors, Service now, Google, Coupa and similar names by integrating solutions. Several of these solutions cover SMBs, whereas many cater to large enterprises. The entire process is aimed at integrating solutions for providing customers with local implementation and a subscription so as to enable customers to procure their subscriptions and services from Avanxo. Clients are given expert advice on definingcloud strategy, through migration, application development, and infrastructure management. The organization, typically works from a PaaS point of view, through enabling a custom application development on cloud platform and integration with other systems. And, the IaaS package offered via the Amazon Web Services portfolio of solutions, cover aspects like monitoring, management and provisioning of cloud infrastructure and computing capacity.

The company, although, over the years has been integrating global companies, investments were made in developing local resources for helping customers to be successful. Therefore, it has been the perfect combination of local resources and the network to approach companies, with over 150 consultants, that fuelled success for the company.

Today, eleven years into business, Avanxo, has evolved beyond an SMB into a company with the most number of enterprise cloud deployments with most impacting and faster results, serving over 400 clients spread across the region.

The roadmap ahead

Over the years, the company has shown a steady growth rate, and maintaining this rate of fifty percent would be a prime concern. Expansion of portfolio, identifying specific sectors and developing specific solutions for these sectors as well as expanding business into other sectors would comprise the other future plans. The preferred segments are automotive, insurance, banking, telecommunications, Oil & Gas, and life sciences.


Bogota, CO

Diego Maldonado, CEO

Avanxo and its portfolio of cloud solutions, allow you to optimize and get better results in the management of your areas of IT, sales, marketing, customer service, human talent, purchasing, planning and a series of transverse processes of your organization