WinWire Technologies: Enabling Clients to Adopt the Cloud with Confidence

CIO VendorAshu Goel, Founder With an estimated 78 percent of population in the US who are mobile internet users, it is no surprise that enterprises have accelerated their mobile application development initiatives to serve this rapidly growing market. Smart phones and tablets are rapidly proliferating in the enterprise with applications that improve productivity and intelligence-on-the-go. Although storage technology has allowed significant amounts of data to be kept on small storage cards in smartphones and tablets, many enterprise users may still find them insufficient or inconvenient for storing the information they need in order to take advantage of new services as well as getting secure access to enterprise data. Therefore, instead of keeping data locally, the data can be stored and accessed through the cloud whenever you want and from any device.

Combination of mobility and the cloud are profoundly changing the way enterprises do business. Advances in technology, led by powerful mobile computing connected to fast and ever-present networks accessing intelligent services in the cloud are changing the way we do business.
This is causing many companies to look differently at products and services. The cloud has many positives such as the above-mentioned storage power, its superior processing capabilities amongst others. The cloud can be the determining factor in the future of many companies.

Companies also need to consider the application development platform side of the cloud too. This can be leveraged to create competitive advantage at the Enterprise level as recently outlined by Tesla and Facebook CIOs in recent Wall Street Journal article. Whilst many companies have been bold enough to adopt the cloud and leverage it, many are still clueless about the direction they should be going with the cloud.

WinWire to the Rescue

Coming to the aid of companies facing these challenges in this space is WinWire Technologies, which is focused on mobile-enabling enterprise applications leveraging native, HTML5, Mobile Enterprise Application Platform and cloud as a back-end (MBaaS) technologies in addition to helping enterprises leverage Platform-as-a-Service to create innovative applications that create competitive advantage.. Founded in the year 2007, by Ashu Goel and Vineet Arora, WinWire Technologies is a specialized IT solutions company focused on Making Information Actionable™ for the enterprises. “We help business and technology leaders achieve an "on-the-move" business environment by leveraging pre-built collaborative and analytic solution accelerators and cross-platform mobile-cloud technologies,” adds Goel.
A lethal Concussion for Success

WinWire offers cloud advisory services to help companies with mobile backend as a service and cloud as an application development platform and informs them of ways to leverage them. The firm also helps clients with the solutions development and maintain them and upgrade them in the long run.

The company helps organizations and companies understand, evaluate, test, configure, and implement cloud solutions. From consulting services to development, implementation and operations, the firm has the expertise to help you with the complete cloud lifecycle.

Cloud services from WinWire have the right combination of expertise and experience in cloud computing. This means enterprises can go into the cloud with confidence, increase institutional flexibility and grow businesses using enterprise-class collaboration and productivity tools.

Winning the Trust of Clients

WinWire’s record of accomplishment of having delivered multiple solutions, on budget and on-time and with flexible engagement model has enabled repeat customer business. WinWire has been working with multiple Fortune 500 clients from various industry verticals to design, develop and implement efficient solutions that address the unique needs of their business and industry. Some of the key industry sectors in which the firm finds traction include Healthcare, High-technology, Manufacturing & Construction, Retail & Hospitality, Financial Institutions and Professional Services.

WinWire Technologies

Santa Clara, CA

Ashu Goel, Founder

A provider of software services with focus on mobile-enabling enterprise applications leveraging native, HTML5, Mobile Enterprise Application Platform and cloud as a back-end (MBaaS) technologies