3CLogic: Building a More Secure and Reliable Contact Center in the Cloud

Raj Sharma, President & COO
Cloud computing is a major trend that has perforated into the market over the past few years. The rising popularity of the internet, standardization of technology, and emergence of web services has further caused cloud-computing services to significantly evolve and become a mainstay. Subsequently, as businesses continue to migrate more of their operational components to the cloud, many are still struggling with the idea of migrating critical business elements to the cloud, largely due to the fact that they have invested heavily in their existing on-premise legacy systems. “Many have also expressed concerns in storing sensitive data in the cloud, and agree that it is more complex to manage privacy and data protection regulations in a cloud environment,” says Raj Sharma, President, and COO, 3CLogic.

Headquartered at Rockville, MD, 3CLogic’s solution effectively addresses some of these concerns with its unique distributed architecture, more commonly referred to as Virtual Telephony Application Grid (V-TAG). “V-TAG combines the power of cloud and edge computing, distributing the burden of certain tasks and data functions across a network of PCs and mobile devices,” says Sharma. “V-TAG helps limit or control the information that travels through the cloud, providing users the ability to manage their data and maintain them on their own premise.” 3CLogic offers a full suite of inbound, outbound, and blended cloud call center solutions designed to improve business’ sales, marketing, service, and support initiatives.

Placing a strong emphasis on enhancing end-user experience, 3CLogic designs and develops solutions that empower agents to deliver on customer needs and expectations. As customer expectations continue to rise, cloud has played a pivotal role in assisting businesses in both managing and interpreting the exponential amount of consumer data flooding their contact centers. 3CLogic’s solution effectively leverages cloud to integrate communication channels and database management solutions and provides agents with the information they need at the time of the interaction, regardless of the channel chosen. “By further integrating customer information with every aspect of our solution (IVR, ACD, Scripting, Predictive Dialer), users feel more empowered to sell, market, and service their products,” states Sharma. “We also open up our APIs for our clients, enabling them to make any necessary modifications to the system in order to meet their unique business goals.”

By further integrating customer information with every aspect of our solution, users feel more empowered to sell, market, and service their products

3CLogic's cloud based Contact Center solutions aid customers from different industries including e-commerce, healthcare, retail and finance vertical. “We enable companies to take full advantage of the cloud while adhering to industry requirements,” says Sharma. Furthermore, with 3CLogic’s solution, companies across different verticals gain accurate and timely information about their prospects or customers and efficiently respond to communications, ensuring customer satisfaction, and drive larger lifetime value.

In an implementation highlight, 3CLogic was able to help one client in the energy field increase its customer satisfaction score by eight percent through improvements in its First Call Resolution (FCR) rate. 3CLogic integrated with their home grown CRM and combined intelligent scripting capabilities to make the necessary information available to the appropriate customer service representative based on all available client data.

With an increasing demand for 3CLogic’s solution across the globe, the firm is planning to offer cloud contact center services in different languages to meet the requirements of customers in the different regions. “We are planning to enhance and perfect our existing solution, using feedback from our client-base to drive the development process,” asserts Sharma. “We will continue to leverage state of the art cloud technologies combined with distributed computing to provide real value to our customers.”


Rockville, MD

Raj Sharma, President & COO

3CLogic offers a full suite of inbound, outbound, and blended cloud call center solutions designed to improve any business’s sales, marketing, service, and support initiatives.

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