BizSlate: Empowering SMBs to Meet Today’s Business Challenges

Marc Kalman, President & CEO
In a globally competitive supply chain marketplace, “cloud” has become a familiar phraseology. Today, Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) need to utilize the power of cloud to eliminate obstacles as well as increase operational efficiency. However, the problem for SMBs is that very few supply chain providers understand their need for functioning efficiently and resourcefully. An exception to this is an adept supply chain company, BizSlate. They provide cloud-based, powerful enterprise-level tools for increasing revenue and profit by improving the relationships between a company’s customers, orders, and inventory. “Our core philosophy is to empower SMBs with cloud-based enterprise solutions to help them manage their customers, vendors, inventory, logistics, and the overall supply chain,” begins Marc Kalman, President and CEO of BizSlate.

According to Kalman, in the SMB distribution and manufacturing market, the available Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are not adequate. “The sophisticated ERPs that offer value are expensive, complicated, and targeted toward larger enterprises. Alternatively, the systems designed for smaller businesses are easy and affordable but lack a clear Return On Investment (ROI),” says Kalman.

“We provide software that empowers SMBs to compete efficiently and become more proactive and agile.” BizSlate offers tools that uniquely blend the enterprise power and efficiency of larger scale systems, with the ease-of-use, affordability, and mobility that the smaller businesses need to compete in a global marketplace. "BizSlate is designed from the supply chain and operations perspective first, then inward to accounting. As a result, we are able to help smaller businesses overcome operational constrictions that were previously difficult to solve,” conveys Kalman.

Kalman has been in the supply chain software space for the majority of his career. Being a practitioner as well as a software service provider, he has made a positive impact on the supply chains of over 2,000 SMBs. “BizSlate is a customer-centric company. We have a keen understanding of the small business supply chain,” says Kalman. The company deeply engages with its customers throughout the software development lifecycle and blends power and productivity with cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use for organizations.

Our core philosophy is to empower SMBs with cloud-based enterprise solutions to help them manage their customers, vendors, inventory, logistics, and the overall supply chain

BizSlate aims to drive benefits for SMBs by solving various vital pain points. For instance, small businesses often face the challenge of not having an accurate account of their inventory. “The issue starts with the business systems not providing organizations with a proper means to set up products, as well as timeliness around the impact operations have on inventory,” adds Kalman. BizSlate has helped customers enter products in their cloud solution according to their usage preference, including open stock, pre-pack, master pack, assortment, and builds the relationship between case packs and the open stocks contained within. Coupling this with BizSlate’s ability to offer click-of-the-button real-time, predictable, available to sell inventory calculations, their customers are able to maintain a leaner, greener supply chain. “We want to empower firms with tools and knowledge that will help them grow their business,” says Kalman.

“We hold expertise in accurate real-time inventory, efficient order management, and logistics that can alleviate SMBs to have enhanced collaboration and visibility into their business operations and supply chain,” explains Kalman. Looking toward the future, BizSlate is planning to release a number of products that will continue to empower customers to run businesses more efficiently, improve collaboration, and visibility. “We have invested in a continuous stream of innovative tools that will bring more power and intelligence to the small business supply chain and increase their ROI,” concludes Kalman.


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Marc Kalman, President & CEO

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