Clairvoyant: Breeding Cloud Solutions that Exceed Expectations

Shekhar Vemuri, CTO
“While low cost of initial ownership was always the primary driver behind cloud adoption, organizations are now starting to embrace cloud for flexibility, time to market, and other differentiating needs—which shows that the cloud landscape is on the path of maturity,” says Shekhar Vemuri, CTO, Clairvoyant. Migrating utility applications and leveraging Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is common trend manifesting in the business world today. IN this tech-era, CIOs are searching answers for blending cloud platforms and solutions into their enterprise IT strategy, to further increase their infrastructure agility and innovation quotient.

Insight's value proposition is to reduce the time to value from data to the tune of weeks instead of months and years

“The CIOs we work with are leveraging this agility to move from providing services that just support the business to building differentiating and revenue generating products”, adds Vemuri. Chandler, AZ based Clairvoyant is working diligently to assist CIOs with their cloud implementation strategies— whether it is porting existing application ecosystems to the cloud or architecting them a new.

“We help organizations think and build cloud—natively right from day one,” says Vemuri. To small scale firms, Clairvoyant brings easy-to-deploy services that help in adopting cloud quickly without any high capital expenditures.
“We keep the cost of on-boarding to a minimum and allow the flexibility to grow very quickly,” says Vemuri. Large organizations have relatively more roadblocks. To keep their data security, privacy, and regulations concerns at bay, Clairvoyant works closely with the CIOs to mitigate these issues. “We leverage our best practices and reference architectures to enable large organizations bridge the gap between what their current infrastructure can support to what their business really needs,” adds Vemuri. The company also provides services such as data analytics and managed solutions in the big data space.

The engineering talent and other valuable assets that flow inside the walls of Clairvoyant is crafting scalable platforms that enable and power next generation web, mobile and analytics products for their clients. “We are investing our skill-sets in the right areas for building a pipeline of services that give us exposure to new fields and challenges and empower us to stay at the leading edge of the technology curve,” says Vemuri.

With the launch of Insight, their Big Data and Analytics platform, Clairvoyant provides managed services to companies are adopting Hadoop. “Insight’s value proposition is to reduce the time to value from data to the tune of weeks instead of months and years,” says Vemuri. “We believe that the agility and flexibility of the public cloud combined with the potential that Big Data offers is a truly disruptive force and we help CIOs channel that into building innovative products. Our platform not only provides CIOs the technology building blocks of hadoop, but also incorporates our architectural blueprints to enable the rapid implementation of these products,” adds Vemuri.

Clairvoyant also conducts the Phoenix Hadoop meet-up and Phoenix Data Conference, where various big data enthusiasts come and share their experiences and knowledge. “Our goal with doing this is to build a stronger technology community in Phoenix and foster innovation and growth that eventually makes Phoenix a strong player in the technology sector,” says Vemuri.


Chandler, AZ

Shekhar Vemuri, CTO

The company delivers Products and solutions in the Big Data and Analytics space.