DoubleHorn: Aggregating, Customizing, and Integrating Cloud Services

Tab Schadt, CEO
With the increasing usage of web-enabled devices for easy access of data and the need to reduce the cost of managing and maintaining IT systems, cloud computing is creating waves in the IT landscape. However, like any new technology, cloud also throws a set of issues that impede an organization’s ability to stay ahead of the competition. “The C-level executives are witnessing challenges of three distinct natures in the cloud landscape—the commercial challenge, the technological challenge, and the human capital challenge,” says Tab Schadt, CEO, DoubleHorn. To ensure seamless cloud operations and deliver sophisticated technology across industries, DoubleHorn, a cloud brokerage services specialist, combines its offerings with the products from industry leading cloud technology providers to meet the emerging technology requirements of enterprises and the government. “Our approach to cloud brokerage model helps customers aggregate, customize, and integrate their cloud services,” he adds. The company operates as a fast paced and agile customer centric cloud brokerage service.

DoubleHorn offers a myriad of Cloud Brokerage Services like, advising in selecting the right solution, implementing, maintaining, and offering a single source for billing and support of multiple cloud products. “Being a cloud services broker, DoubleHorn provides products of different cloud providers, enabling organizations to interact with one company instead of multiple providers,” explains Schadt. The company’s unified platform, bridges the gap between various services, standards, and offerings which boost the cloud services brokerage. DobleHorn, primarily being an aggregator, helps organizations select and bundle various cloud services to suit the specific requirements of customers. In addition, it implements and customizes an organization’s selected cloud technologies. “We can seamlessly integrate all the solutions and provide a single bill that includes every provider working in silos at end of the month,” adds Schadt.

DoubleHorn provides a wide range of cloud solutions like Cloud IT, Backup/Disaster Recovery, Security and Compliance solutions, and Cloud Communication and Collaboration to help organizations innovate and achieve their strategic goals.

Our approach to cloud brokerage model helps customers aggregate, customize, and integrate their cloud services

Moreover, the company focuses on cloud security and compliance for the government and enterprises, as an increasing number of organizations are migrating to cloud to reduce costs and enhance operational scalability. “Our architecture helps organizations stay compliant to existing regulations and future-proofs their operations—reducing security issues,” states Schadt.

With more than a decade’s experience, the company is providing customer-centric cloud services brokerage to meet the unique needs of their clientele. “We are focused on delivering high level customer service, as well as redefining business models and service delivery,” points out Schadt. Furthermore, “cloud is only as good as the network that is connecting either ends,” adds Schadt. With networking as one of its core competencies, DoubleHorn stays a step ahead of a slew of cloud solution providers.

Moving ahead, to increase the company’s growth in infrastructure development and integration, DoubleHorn has made significant investments to hire experts in the areas of product management, research, and development. The company further aims to disrupt the public sector with its best-in-class cloud technology. DoubleHorn is investing heavily in building its proprietary software called MyDoubleHorn—an integrated cloud management and marketplace platform that helps with purchasing, provisioning as well as maintaining multiple cloud products. “We have a holistic approach as we don't focus on a single aspect of the solution. This allows our clients to be future ready,” concludes Schadt.


Austin, TX

Tab Schadt, CEO

A cloud services brokerage company that combines its offeringswith products from the leading cloud providers to meet the emerging technology requirements of enterprises and government.