Winwire Technologies: Adding Business Agility with Cloud BI

Ashu Goel, CEO
In this new age of hyper competition, only those companies that have the ability to ‘sense and respond’ quickly to the changing customer preferences and needs can thrive. The need to scale vertically and horizontally to offer new products within very short lead times and at the same time at manageable price points is fueling the growth of cloud adoption among enterprises.

Such leaders in leveraging data to create their competitive differentiation now see ‘BI on Cloud’ as a highly attractive strategy to match innovation initiatives to the speed of business. In this pursuit, the opportunity to tap into non-traditional data sources, the rise of Internet of Things further accelerates the Cloud-BI adoption.

The traditional blockers for Cloud-BI: high volume data transport challenges, data security concerns and integration complexity are fast receding as more and more cloud-aware BI solutions enter the market coupled with the maturation of the cloud solutions. With analysts expecting the market for cloud based BI deployments to reach ~USD 17 billion by 2018; the marketplace is now ripe for a ‘Cloud BI Boom’.

Well positioned to ride this wave is WinWire Technologies, which helps enterprises build cloud and hybrid BI solutions by leveraging pre-built collaborative and analytic solution accelerators and cloud based technologies. Established by Ashu Goel in 2007, the company offers IT solutions with the focus on making information actionable. “At the core we view Information is consumable and hence our approach to BI solutions should be consumer-centric to have the desired business outcomes,” states Ashu Goel.

“Our non-traditional approach to BI breaks the usual technology silos and instead mashes together Collaboration, Analytics and Mobility with the back-end efficiencies of Cloud to facilitate a business decision,” adds Goel. This is particularly relevant in the manufacturing vertical where the need for speed to deliver innovation is felt the greatest. “Our strength to deliver Cloud, Mobility and Analytics offerings, help manufacturers innovate, perform and grow by becoming more customer-centric is what differentiates us from others,” affirms Goel. As a case in point, an Engineering Services company needed deeper visibility on its operations as data was dispersed in multiple SaaS and on-premise applications. WinWire delivered a Power BI based self-service capability that enabled the business users to get rich insights through intuitive visualization solutions. This helped the firm achieve tighter control on the commercials and hence better margins.
WinWire Technologies is a key Microsoft Managed Partner and an early implementer of Cloud-BI leveraging some of the latest offerings from Microsoft. WinWire combines the advancements of Office 365 with Azure’s robust cloud platform for seamless app development and deployment to enhance the user experience and manage cloud investment for enterprises. Besides, WinWire offers cloud advisory services for secured and smooth cloud adoption, quick development, management, and migration of applications and services to the Azure cloud.

WinWire Technologies services clients in various sectors like Manufacturing & Construction, HealthCare, Retail & Hospitality, Financial Services and Hi Tech.

We build offerings that leverage front end capabilities of mobile and the back end efficiency of cloud to deliver rich insights for our customers to drive desired business outcomes

WinWire Technologies envisions to build technology frameworks with collaboration partners in Internet of Things. The company is planning skill acquisition in machine learning and neutral networks. “We are developing a set of technology frameworks and processes in close collaboration with technology partners–particularly in the discrete manufacturing space,” concludes Ashu.

WinWire Technologies

Santa Clara, CA

Ashu Goel, CEO

Helps enterprises and technology leaders achieve agile business environment by leveraging collaborative and analytic accelerators and cloud based technologies