CallidusCloud [NASDAQ:CALD]: Enabling Sales and Marketing Automation

Leslie Strech, President & CEO
In today’s complex sales and marketing environment, businesses need advanced and integrated technology solutions to gain high-quality prospects, increase efficiency of sales processes, and enable marketing automation. Apart from being the key enabler of connectivity, cloud-integrated sales management software brings easy access to customer information, marketing tools, and analytics. As an expert in cloud-based sales and marketing, CallidusCloud [NASDAQ:CALD] allows users to gain critical insight into their businesses with their cloud computing platform. The firm offers an array of solutions and products like revenue performance management, big sales data, sales talent management, and cloud platform and sales analytics. CallidusCloud also designs applications which facilitate organizations to seamlessly integrate with systems like Customer relationship management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Sales Force Automation (SFA) and several other financial planning systems. What sets CallidusCloud apart from the rest of the crowd is their unified solution suite that automates the entire sales cycle. “We create a data environment for spreadsheets, documents, and emails with our simple tools to analyze the performance of the client’s sales force,” asserts Leslie Strech, CEO, CallidusCloud.

The company’s commission software assists clients to deploy targeted incentives, commission programs, and accelerate sales behaviors and execution. Enterprises can automate the payment and calculation of commissions across both external and internal sales. The solution also has extensive modeling and analytics capabilities which provide clients clarity into the performance of the ongoing plans. Alongside, the software renders an automating forecast opportunity concept that works best when enriched with data from the interactions between sales, marketing and the customer. By utilizing the commission software, sales operations and finance teams can considerably reduce time and cost while it facilitates the sales team with a more transparent and accurate commission payments. “The firm’s offering allows organizations to deploy targeted incentives and commission programs to drive behaviors under sales and execute sales processes seamlessly,” says Stech.

The Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software by CallidusCloud helps users to minimize errors in pricing and product selection as well as lessen the sales cycle with the help of electronic workflows, approval process and increase quote, order size with instant up-selling and cross-selling formats.

We create a data environment for spreadsheets, documents, and emails with our simple tools to analyze the performance of the client’s sales force

The firm’s Sales Enablement Product provides the sales team with the proper content and on-demand training at the right time which help the sales reps to increase their sales productivity and improve their message to market as well as align content to each stage in the buying cycle. The ability to access the proper content and learning module empowers the sales reps to find greater corroboration and relevant convergence without bothering about the content archived in paper documents.

In an instance, Xirrus, a provider of wireless solutions, approached CallidusCloud to simplify their quoting process. The quoting process was long and tedious as their spreadsheet approach required the sales team to undertake a manual translation of the product list produced by engineers, which was time consuming. Also, due to the complex quoting process, reps would often forget to incorporate important components, add support, and even had to retract on discounts. CallidusCloud CPQ simplified the quoting process and the pricing and product information that spanned across multiple systems. The data was fed into CPQ and comprehensively integrated into Salesforce CRM. CPQ provided the client with the proper information on discounts and other important components required to add value to the organization.

According to Strech, cloud technology is one of the key drivers of big data and he believes that everything should be delivered via cloud. Moving ahead, the firm plans to enhance their cost-effective cloud solutions and help their clients grow in the market.


Pleasanton, CA

Leslie Strech, President & CEO

Enables users to gain critical insights for businesses with their cloud computing platform