Nuvalo: Connecting Businesses to the Cloud

Manon Buettner, CEO & Founder
At a time when enterprises were emerging from the recession, challenged and faced with outsourcing infrastructure and colocation, Manon Buettner knew that her experience with cloud technology and IT business management was going to start an evolution. “Having spent the past decade designing, selling, and negotiating hosting services for companies of all sizes, I knew I was uniquely suited to assist IT buyers with discovery, planning, vendor selection, and contract negotiation,” says Manon, CEO of Nuvalo.

Manon founded Nuvalo in 2010 and creates enterprise partnerships by offering businesses powerful ideas with proven results. “My vision has always been to become the next-generation channel partner by providing customers with indispensable market intelligence, skills and experience,” reveals Manon.

Manon began educating customers on cloud computing and emerging technologies, helping them understand what they had and what they needed. “I attempted to pull the inventory and usage data in order to architect and model cloud solutions, when I realized most companies lacked the tools to derive actual usage metrics and were merely guesstimating requirements,” explains Manon. Seizing the opportunity, Nuvalo has carved a niche as a premier cloud and data center enablement firm that specializes in designing and sourcing hybrid colocation and IaaS deployments across the globe.

Nuvalo knows how to bridge the gap between business strategy and technology adoption, leveraging a tested methodology that spans discovery and planning through migration and implementation. Manon begins by evaluating a customer’s existing and potential data center facilities, assets, and applications. Then she delivers proven solutions that drive business into the future, including cloud initiatives, active mirroring, business continuity, disaster recovery, and other types of highly resilient strategies.

“We use best-of-breed tools to discover, plan, and ultimately migrate environments to a hybrid solution meeting clients wherever they are on their virtualization journey,” says Manon. When it comes to choosing the right global service provider, Nuvalo draws from Manon’s relationships, experience, and competitive intelligence.

Nuvalo’s tremendous success is directly attributed to the trusted relationships that are built throughout the IT ecosystem

She follows a comprehensive process that results in the most ideal partnerships and terms. Her customers have significantly reduced costs and enhanced operational efficiency. “Across the board, our clients see an average cost savings of 25 percent while mitigating risk and improving relationships with the business,” notes Manon.

Nuvalo’s vast experience, global supplier network and insider knowledge, have given its customers the edge required to be successful. As Manon states, “Success to me is making IT executives look like heroes—proven, credible, and sought out for their input in transforming their businesses.”

A case study, one of the nation’s largest retailers of children’s clothes and accessories, recently worked with Nuvalo. The retailer was looking for a partner to assist with their cloud strategy and data center migration effort in light of impending corporate office movement. Nuvalo’s comprehensive platform of customer-first services—including financial modeling, project budgeting, executive business case, RFP management, contract negotiation, and onboarding assistance—enabled the client to successfully deploy a new production data center and develop a clear roadmap of which applications to move where, when, and how. This literally took that company to the next level.

With numerous such success stories, Nuvalo aims at expanding its scope internationally as a global channel partner and trusted advisor. “IT leaders want to align with an industry expert that can validate existing architectures, optimize for future modernization and give the peace of mind that they are with the most relevant and capable providers. Nuvalo’s tremendous success is directly attributed to the trusted relationships that are built throughout the IT ecosystem,” concludes Manon.


Bellevue, WA

Manon Buettner, CEO & Founder

Cloud and data center enablement firm specialized in designing and sourcing of hybrid colocation and IaaS deployments globally