Reliam: The Next-Gen Cloud MSP

Nate Johnson CEO
Today’s cloud scenario is one that demands what IT experts like to call a “change in mindset and processes,” so as to reap the full benefits of the transformation. The key ingredient for a successful cloud transformation is a competent managed services provider (MSP) who knows their way around dynamic applications, complex cloud infrastructures, and its fluid development lifecycles. Reliam is that next-gen cloud MSP that is uniquely positioned to deliver application and infrastructure management services on top of the public cloud platform. Reliam’s CEO, Nate Johnson says, “Selecting the right partner to ensure your successful transformation to the cloud is critical and Reliam guarantees success!” Reliam’s comprehensive scope of knowledge and expertise extends beyond simply understanding the features and functions of a cloud deployment, but also dives deeply into the myriad of services that define the cloud.

Reliam’s accredited framework methodology guarantees the adoption of best practices in all areas including security, reliability, and performance within each client’s solution design. The process starts with assessing the client’s technology requirements, infrastructure, process complexity, and security. “We do everything possible to ensure the absolute best solution and experience for customers during the cloud deployment lifecycle,” states Keith Archer, Reliam’s COO.

A key component to continued client success in the cloud is Reliam’s Internet Application Management (IAM) service—a full stack solution for managing cloud applications. IAM encompasses several areas ranging from application performance management (APM), a well-architected framework, and intelligent machine-learning. “We go a step further than all other service providers to check the application performance at the code-, network-, and infrastructure-levels.” says Johnson. Monitoring performance helps in providing direct feedback to customers on the need for scaling, securing, or improving the application code for further enhancement of performance and resilience.

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, Channel Reseller Partner, and AWS MSP Partner, Reliam has demonstrated deep expertise in not only the migration of workloads to the cloud, but also in architecting, deploying, and managing high-performance, large-scale, AWS cloud-based environments.

Reliam delivers exceptional technical-results that empower our customers to succeed and profit from the innovative use of cloud technology

All while ensuring each client is completely optimized for the cloud and can fully realize the optimal ROI within the public cloud. Reliam’s focus on customer success, their technical expertise, and ability to deliver cloud TCO has earned them the distinction of being one among less than 100 AWS MSP partners globally.

Bearing testimony to Reliam’s customer-centric approach is the success story that the company scripted using AWS for an international toy manufacturer. As the client realized increased sales and brand adoption, they needed a highly-elastic infrastructure that could scale with their massive increase in traffic. When brought on board, Reliam analyzed the complete environment and proposed a shift to right-sized architecture, value-add AWS services, along with a comprehensive cost optimization strategy. Deploying the solution resulted in savings of over 35 percent of the monthly AWS invoice, while providing a better performing solution and overall user experience.

While Reliam’s history of success continues, the company has also begun to invest heavily in machine learning and AI capabilities to build and manage better cloud environments and supporting processes. In this context, Johnson predicts there will be considerable upside to clients who can successfully utilize these advancements to help drive value to the bottom-line. He says, “Reliam’s engagement in next-generation technologies enables our clients to compete and win at scale while ensuring they can continue to evolve without incurring technical debt.” Reliam is committed to offering best-of-breed cloud solutions to help clients expand on an enterprise level.


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Nate Johnson CEO and Keith Archer COO

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