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Marcus Holloway, CEO With technological innovation moving at a staggering pace, all of us, as connected users, have hit a digital inflection point. New solutions are paving the way for improved products, services, and user experiences. However, it’s not always that easy for some companies to shift.

Today, growing organizations face a real-world dilemma. They want and need a cloud-based workspace solution that can be customized to their unique organizational needs. And the focus on users’ experiences and productivity improvements makes that workspace even more critical for business success.

"Our goal is to make cloud computing and technology utilization a natural, human extension to both business and life"

A lack of resources can obstruct a Company’s efforts to implement a custom workspace solution. Though many cloud solutions are affordable, IT service providers try to force “pre-packaged” and even monolithic solutions on their clients, which unfortunately aren’t customizable to meet specific organizational needs. Marcus Holloway, the CEO of MTM Technologies, substantiates the challenging state-of-affairs as he says, “Organizations are over-subscribing or under-subscribing to cloud services because they aren’t aware of what they actually need to run their businesses in the cloud.” Additionally, they don’t trust cloud service providers who seek to maximize revenue opportunities at the expense of client needs and feel that they get locked into “sticky” agreements, with unrealistic triggers for additional capacity, which in turn, simply drives costs higher.

“‘DOS’ no longer stands for disk operating system, but rather “Don’t Own Stuff.” That is, if they can achieve the same functionality and performance through virtualization and cloud services at an affordable predictive price, then why would they want to own technology that will become obsolete very quickly,” says Holloway. “Keeping in line with demand and what our industry requires, we’ve created a utility model that enables customers to consume the resources, solutions, desktops, and applications that they need to be productive and successful, while concurrently focusing on security, the use-case, and a great user experience.”

Built and rooted in a relationship-driven, listen-first culture to deliver customized technology solutions that meet today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s market realities, MTM Technologies is transforming the cloud status-quo through its Anywhere App (AwA) solution.

By productizing a unique, subscription-based solution, AwA, MTM offers a straightforward price-per-user per-month-based model for workspace and IT consumption. What makes this truly powerful is that this model allows for a logical way to predict and manage cloud services in a complex and ever-changing technological landscape. “MTM Technologies is helping CIOs become masters of balance and collaboration, by marrying the traditional day-to-day job of IT operations with the strategic goal of connecting technology, business, organizations, and data to meet future needs,” states Holloway. Differentiated by its ability to provide customers with a customized architecture and ongoing end-to-end management, simply and effectively, AwA is a sophisticated workspace-as-a-service (WaaS) solution that bundles rich end-user experience with end-user security, business applications, performance monitoring, and fully managed support.

We help our clients build bridges into today’s rapidly-shifting digital markets by working with them to fully modernize their virtual infrastructures, thus creating ecosystems which can respond faster, more comprehensively and with complete connectivity

Flexibility for Business Applications

To support ever-evolving business and user requirements, MTM provides custom technology that allows companies to execute mobility strategies and embrace digital transformation comprehensively through AwA. With Citrix technology at its core, the solution facilitates secure access to data, apps, and IT services and can run in any environment—private, public, or hybrid cloud—providing employees and managers the flexibility to access business apps on the go.

In an effort to address the prevailing security concerns, MTM has also built a security software stack to manage antivirus as well as malware protection while proactively sealing all the security gaps. Beyond antivirus security, AwA provides powerful end-point detection and response capabilities to stop the most advanced security threats through intelligent and automated response mechanisms. Furthermore, access to the cloud environment is secured with a requisite authentication system utilizing single-sign-on tools.

When it comes to flexibility and controlling cost, AwA allows enterprises to switch to “thin” client reducing the cost of traditional end-point maintenance. Also, MTM’s Citrix-certified cloud experts assist in custom-building a cloud strategy specific to the operational requirements of an enterprise. By using these services, organizations leverage cloud services as well as on-premise infrastructure in the right combination to conquer their unique business goals.

AwA also helps organizations understand how applications can be optimally designed, and where on-going management is absolutely key—to assist them in modernizing the data center for scale and simplicity. With the cloud architecture natively embedded in the AwA solution, modernization occurs at all levels within MTM’s client datacenters including network optimization and even advanced load-balancing. The solution provides for optional transformational services, whereby MTM can design the LAN/WAN network of the future, including SD-WAN and WAN optimization technologies, to ensure the optimal end-user performance regardless of the device, time of day, or location of the user. Holloway says, “We modernize customers’ infrastructures by helping them build a bridge into today’s digital market and create an ecosystem which can respond faster to core demands. As a result, the customers become more competitive as this gives them the ability to allow their people to truly innovate.”

Creating a Unique Delivery Architecture

MTM’s AwA solution is backed by the company’s aim to deliver remote computing competency and create compelling experiences for its users. To that end, the firm starts its proprietary Cloud Journey Methodology through cloud-designing initiatives and understanding the everyday lives of the end-user, and how they use technology, in the most natural way.
From there, they design cloud, turnkey architectures, and access infrastructures based on the user and business requirements.

The AwA model creates the perfect delivery architecture for its clients. The firm allows its customers to define their digital roadmap. The key, however, as Holloway explains, is that this architecture will never introduce greater levels of complexity but, rather, its intelligent design specifically will ensure simpler business processes. “We don’t just deploy switches or servers, or even data center solutions, we position people-centric initiatives which align with the natural way that people use technology,” says Holloway.

MTM puts particular emphasis on the healthcare landscape. Through AwA, healthcare IT is empowered to position performance and end-user metrics into a single console, from the edge to the delivery infrastructure. This delivery model pinpoints the root cause of performance issues and remediates them so physicians and healthcare workers have access to their EMR/EHR and business applications.

Holloway exemplifies MTM’s unique approach and solution through one of its many successful client engagements. While working on the design of some great cloud initiatives of a large healthcare organization, MTM realized that some of their applications couldn’t be moved to a cloud ecosystem and needed to stay on premise to support data proximity requirements. “However, the customer really wanted to leverage a transaction-based consumption model. So, we recommended AnywhereApp,” says Holloway. The workspace solution delivered a true cloud consumption model without limiting them to the actual location of their cloud. Medical and administrative staff received mobile, secure one-touch access to medical applications and patient information, and MTM was able to create an entirely transparent architecture with “on-premise” and cloud services to enable a robust hybrid cloud solution.

Charting the Cloud Waters

Over the course of 30 years, MTM has kept things simple and its proprietary Cloud Journey Methodology allows customers to adopt the right kind of cloud option for them. “Many of our competitors start with technology solutions and then try to bring in the end-user. Our people-centric approach changes the way corporate users leverage IT and cloud solutions. Our goal is to make cloud computing and technology utilization a natural, human extension to both business and life,” says Holloway.

To take the next step in delivering a powerful end-user experience, the firm has created its “Innovation Labs” to focus on emerging solutions and some of the most advanced technologies to overcome new types of user and business challenges. Holloway mentions four interesting and amazing initiatives, as follows:

• Digital Security: Digital Onsite Guardian - DOG
• Robotics Process Automation
• Telemedicine and SD-WAN
• IoT and Connected Things

MTM’s innovation lab is designing state-of-the-art offerings and paving the way for a technology-enabled future.

MTM considers cloud to be a journey and has helped its clients “chart and navigate the troubled waters” since before the term “cloud” was even coined. The firm has established itself as one of the leaders in delivering innovative cloud services through its AwA Solution set, which creates predictive, consistent, and repeatable outcomes in a complex and ever-changing technological world. “MTM is reinventing itself to be a true cloud services provider,” concludes Holloway.

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Marcus Holloway, CEO

MTM’s innovative cloud services through AwA create predictive, consistent, and repeatable outcomes in a complex and ever-changing technological world

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