Skybox Security Inc.: Delivering Best-In-Class Cybersecurity Management Software for Hybrid Networks

Michelle Johnson Cobb, CMO
In an attempt to streamline businesses, companies across the globe are increasingly adding virtual and cloud networks to existing physical networks, which is ultimately resulting in highly complex IT environments. These complex environments make it more difficult than ever for IT professionals to gain true visibility of their entire network. It’s are also paving the way for multiple security issues around configuration and compliance, vulnerabilities and other security weaknesses.

“Managing the complexity of these networks, maintaining compliance and keeping the organization safe from attacks has become an undeviating challenge,” says Michelle Johnson Cobb, chief marketing officer of Skybox Security. “What security leaders want are integrated solutions that enable their team to seamlessly and efficiently manage security across hybrid networks—which, by the way, typically include dozens of different technologies. That happens to be our sweet spot.”

Based in Silicon Valley, Skybox provides cybersecurity management software that includes a suite of integrated modules on a common platform, the SkyboxTM Security Suite. The Suite helps companies with large, complex networks achieve a compliant and secure IT environment through solutions in three core areas: attack surface visibility, vulnerability and threat management, and firewall and security policy management.

The foundation of the platform is the visibility and context that Skybox is able to bring to any network, based on its integration with more than 120 networking and security technologies companies are already using.

“Skybox collects and normalizes asset and network data from many disparate sources,” explains Cobb. “We merge that data into a central repository of truth about an organization’s network and build a comprehensive model that can be used for many different use cases, such as the analysis of how data moves, compliance assessment,or vulnerability discovery and prioritization.”

Within a single view, that model provides visibility to on-prem, multi-cloud and even OT environments, including information on assets, security controls,network topology, vulnerabilities, and threats. This combination of both asset and network data is unique to Skybox and critical to gaining the contextual understanding of the attack surface that’s required for transforming vast amounts of data into actionable intelligence.

Skybox uniquely combines both asset and network data, which is critical to gaining the contextual understanding of the attack surface that’s required for transforming vast amounts of data into actionable intelligence

This context is even more critical as CISOs struggle to ensure that the extension of infrastructure and services to the cloud is secure and compliant.

Amongst numerous successful use cases, Cobb mentions one wherein Skybox worked with a Fortune 500 manufacturing organization that was struggling to manage vulnerabilities across their hybrid network. They didn’t have clear visibility into the entire network infrastructure or its exposures. And, they were dealing with a deluge of vulnerabilities alerts—too much data to manage manually. With Skybox’s vulnerability management solution, the organization was able to quickly enumerate and assess all vulnerabilities across the network. More importantly, Skybox automatically prioritized the most critical vulnerabilities based on exposure, real-world threat intelligence, and network and business context. Skybox then made recommendations for remediation based on what made the most sense for the organization— whether through patching or the use of other security controls such as firewalls and security tags or configurations.

Earlier this year, Skybox bagged awards for being the ‘Top Cybersecurity Company’ (2018, Hot 70 report, JMS securities) and ‘Best Vulnerability Management’ solution provider (2018 Best vulnerability Management Product). Skybox currently integrates all the top cloud services providers and is continuously working toward adding more.

“We are staying abreast with the pace of cloud technology so our customers can use Skybox as a tool to manage their cloud-based environments in the most efficient way,” ends Michelle.

Skybox Security

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Michelle Johnson Cobb, CMO

Skybox Security provides security management solutions to companies using virtual and cloud technologies

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