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Anthony Christie, COO
“At Trace3, all roads lead to the cloud and we are about supporting customer success regardless of where they are in their journey,” begins Anthony Christie, the COO of Trace3. A customer could be seeking application migration services to set up a new business unit; could have already adopted cloud and must optimize their workloads; or choose to move from a public to a hybrid cloud environment for reasons such as compliance, economics or security, Trace3 helps businesses achieve these and other cloud use cases. Leveraging the latest Silicon Valley technologies Trace3’s engineers and consultants assess a customer’s current environment and develop roadmaps for the client’s cloud transition while providing specific recommendations for optimum cloud usage. Through collaborative planning, Trace3 helps create an efficient, cost-effective, and secure cloud environment for customers to achieve their business objectives.

“Customer experience is at the center of everything we do. We leverage a unique ‘outside in’ approach enabling us to see how our company looks from the customer’s perspective. The model helps us offer excellent service to our customers,” remarks Anthony. One example is with a recent IT systems upgrade project at Trace3 where a sales process was examined and segmented in order to improve the time it takes to provide a quote for a solution to when it was delivered to the customer. “If the internal customers (employees) are happy, the chances of them providing better external customer experiences are far greater,” states Anthony.

Serving as a strategic implementation partner, Trace3 deploys its consulting division to assess and then propose architecture configuration, tools, and support services to guide a customer’s cloud journey. Trace3 uses its own E3: Methodology—Envision, Engage, and Evolve—while respecting the individuality as well as the commonality of customers in the industry. First, Trace3 helps the customer envision their future and develops strategies to fulfill their business goals. Trace3 next engages with the customer identifying specific technologies to enable the desired future state and then architects and implements the solution supported with managed and professional services. As a customer’s business needs change and their technology requirements advance, Trace3 evolves with their customers keeping them educated on the latest industry trends, product innovations, and solution stacks in order for customers to maintain their competitive advantage.

At Trace3, all roads lead to the cloud and we are about supporting customer success regardless of where they are in their journey

The Trace3 E3: Methodology delivers value to businesses via a comprehensive technology lifecycle management model.

Trace3 realizes the importance of communication and works diligently to understand business objectives to propose cloud solutions to business challenges that deliver the highest degree of business value for their customers. As customers mature their cloud operations, Trace3’s consulting services provide guidance and support to ensure customer success when considering multi-cloud environments, cybersecurity needs, data management opportunities, DevOps integrations, ITOA deployments, application migrations, and more. Working as a cohesive unit, the Trace3 Cloud team collaborates with other practices in the portfolio such as the Security practice, to support cloud-based projects. And for every customer initiative Trace3 follows their E3: Methodology ensuring a consistent experience for the customer and providing a proven technology lifecycle management model.

The roadmap for Trace3 includes a continued focus of developing and refining offerings in Cloud, Security, Data Intelligence, and Data Center practices. The company will invest in engineering talent to strengthen technical capabilities and ensure best-in-class solutions and services. And a passionate focus on providing an exceptional customer experience will continue to influence the Trace3 culture. “Trace3 aims to enable customers to grow faster and at the same time operate their business efficiently and securely. So growth, efficiency, and security are the values Trace3 delivers to our customers,” concludes Anthony.


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Anthony Christie, COO

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