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Tim McKinnon, CEO
More than a decade and a half ago, organizations would run required applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server. Now cloud computing allows them access to the same kind of applications directly through the internet. Cloud computing, today, has become a necessity. Almost every individual that has internet access relies on the cloud directly or indirectly in many ways. Updating a status on Facebook—that is cloud, shooting emails while on the go or checking bank balance, everyone relies on the cloud for transparency, flexibility, and security of it. Organizations speedup their business by leveraging the power of the cloud; they need total visibility, actionable intelligence, critical automation, and accountability across their cloud investments. To help manage, optimize and govern the cloud, CloudCheckr, a New York-based company generates a complete picture of their environment including billing details, multi-accounts, resources, configurations, permissions, changes, and more through its Cloud management platform.

CloudCheckr delivers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud services to single or multi-cloud utilizing organizations with exceptional security, inventory utilization, and automation solutions to help them grow. The company also simplifies cloud infrastructure for public cloud users, it is analytical, and proprietary best practices ensure that users optimize their deployments.

The firm provides complete visibility into users’ deployments through historical snapshots, current inventory, trending reports, and change monitoring to provide accurate, up-to-date visibility into the current state and scope of a user’s cloud.
Additionally, it also plans for future updates while deploying its services.

CloudChekr’s Cost Optimization module was designed to analyze their client’s costs and then present actionable recommendations. CloudCheckr Pro captures and analyzes utilization data to discover hidden and properly utilized resources before giving purchase recommendations based on actual workloads. It also provides cost scenarios so organizations can streamline their cloud infrastructure and select more cost-effective pricing models.

The solution detects misconfigurations and exceptions within users’ deployments and reports mistakes that affect security, cost, availability, and usage daily so organizations have the most up-to-date information and can react accordingly. It further prioritizes issues and gives detailed instructions on how organizations can correct identified deficiencies. CloudCheckr offers a detailed view to help modern enterprises manage and optimize their public cloud. DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps teams from hundreds of global enterprises and service providers rely on CloudCheckr to manage their Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud investments so they can quickly optimize costs, eliminate waste, and improve security and compliance throughout their cloud journey.

The CloudCheckr platform enables IT, Security, and Finance teams to manage their cloud data with confidence as their cloud infrastructure increases. From managing expenses to optimizing resources to securing the cloud infrastructure, CloudCheckr delivers visibility and control across the cloud environment. CloudCheckr has over 5,000 users across the globe, ranging from start-ups, large Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and leading managed service providers.

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Check Out the Latest Method of Hybrid Cloud Money-Management

The latest addition to the CloudCheckr cost optimization, cloud security, and compliance suite creates an industry-leading platform for hybrid cloud management.

FREMONT, CA: CloudCheckr, a comprehensive Cloud Management Platform (CMP) for finance, security, and compliance, recently announced the launch of a new fully automated cloud finance tool to bridge the public and private cloud environments. Meanwhile, the CloudCheckr FinanceManager for Hybrid Workloads permits organizations to optimize large and complicated hybrid cloud deployments. CloudCheckr FinanceManager for Hybrid Workloads will soon be available for early release customers starting August 1st, 2019 and generally accessible in the fourth quarter of this year.
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Rochester, NY

Tim McKinnon, CEO

CloudCheckr is a comprehensive cloud management solution, helping businesses manage and automate cost as well as security for their public cloud environments. CloudCheckr unifies IT, security, and finance teams around the cloud to provide total visibility, deep insight, cloud automation, and governance. The company is an AWS advanced technology partner with security and government competencies, as well as a certified Silver Partner with Azure, to support multi- or hybrid-cloud strategies. The CloudCheckr platform transforms data from public cloud services into actionable insights by reporting, alerting, analyzing, and automating the environment for optimal utilization and costs while assuring a safe environment

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