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Jim Jordan, CEO
More than $1.3 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to cloud by 2022, according to Gartner. Data center closures, M&A consolidation, and end of support for legacy systems are just some of the key factors driving the move to the cloud as businesses seek greater digital agility, cost-savings, and compliance. Yet, for all the evident business benefits, getting to the cloud can be a bumpy ride with unforeseen complexities and costs that requires a high degree of subject matter expertise to achieve success. How to solve this myriad of complexity is the major question troubling CIOs today.

Whilst numerous Cloud Consulting Firms and Specialist Systems Integrators have emerged onto the market promising a seamless cloud transformation experience for their clients, the reality is that their business models are often misaligned with the goals and objectives of the businesses they serve. Large corporates and SMEs need to find fast, low risk ways of onboarding to the cloud, whereas those who claim the know-how often have little motivation for speed and adopt a ‘lets rebuild it from scratch’ approach which takes considerable time and puts pressure on the business case of why you are moving to the cloud in the first place.

Enter RiverMeadow. Based out of California, USA with a strong global presence, this fast-growing company is making big waves in the Cloud Migration market. Established exclusively to address the cloud migration problem, RiverMeadow offers a suite of end-to-end technology and services from Discovery and Assessment through Cloud Migration Execution to ongoing Optimization that allows enterprises and channel partners to adopt cloud faster and at considerably less risk and cost than any of its rivals.

With companies fast waking up to the notion that the longer it takes to transition to the cloud the greater the diminishing returns, RiverMeadow’s deep expertise and can-do approach is proving very successful. “We estimate that 60 percent of data center closures are eligible for Rehosting with another 15 percent requiring some form of light, but important, Replatforming which RiverMeadow has automated in our product. That implies that only 25 percent require true Refactoring,” states Jim Jordan, RiverMeadow’s CEO.
RiverMeadow’s trump card is its robust Cloud Migration Platform. Recognized as the ultimate accelerator of cloud adoption, this powerful SaaS-based Platform enables the company to deliver on the promise of cost-effective, low-risk mass migrations. “As an early innovator in mass migration automation, Rivermeadow has built a robust migration platform that specifically solves the migration problem at an unparalleled price-point for both CSPs and end-customers,” says Jordan.

“We believe that moving up the application stack and taking more of an application centric view of workload migrations will incrementally enhance value to customers and partners” - Jim Jordan, CEO, RiverMeadow Software Inc

From a key features perspective, the Platform offers several distinct advantages. As an agentless and live migration solution, RiverMeadow allows you quickly and efficiently begin migrations - often within an hour - and create a clone of your workload in the target cloud without any production downtime until you are ready. When it comes to speed, low risk and first-time success RiverMeadow has built a rules engine with over 100 checks to verify that workloads will migrate successfully, alerting users to any issues that require attention.

“What we have focused on building is an extensible platform that provides partners and customers capability and flexibility”, states Michael Kent, RiverMeadow’s CTO. “What customers want is the ability to retire their technical debt as part of their cloud journey.”

With a greater emphasis on application centricity, RiverMeadow will be rolling out its application-specific workflows in the near term which will allow migration users greater flexibility in their cloud journey.

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myCloudDoor and RiverMeadow Partnership

myCloudDoor has selected RiverMeadow’s SaaS solution as a preferred Cloud Migration Platforms for customers who are looking to move to AWS, Azure or VMware.

Explains Javier Aguado, Cloud Services Director at myCloudDoor:

myCloudDoor’s customers look to us for support in migrating critical, complex workloads to the most appropriate cloud at scale. RiverMeadow’s powerful SaaS Cloud Migration Platform will provide great advantage to our customers who need to transition to AWS, Azure or VMware with ease, speed and low risk.

According to Graham Smith, Vice President of Operations EMEIA & APAC at RiverMeadow:

We are very excited to be partnering with myCloudDoor to expand our offerings into significant new markets. myCloudDoor’s experience in helping customers assess, migrate, manage and maintain applications and workloads in the cloud impressed us from the outset. Together with our best-in-class SaaS Migration Platform, customers will be well positioned to quickly and securely harness the benefits of cloud technology.

RiverMeadow’s SaaS Cloud Migration Platform is purpose-built for the cloud and supports agentless and automated cloud migrations at scale which dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk associated with migrating workloads. RiverMeadow does not require hypervisor access and includes a powerful pre-flight validation check that drives market-leading first migration attempt success.

RiverMeadow Software

Los Gatos, CA

Jim Jordan, CEO

RiverMeadow provides SaaS software which is built for migrating large, complex workloads cross hypervisors into and between Cloud environments. The software facilitates a fast, secure, automated Cloud on-boarding solution that leverages APIs to mirror current server environments and move them into public, private or hybrid Clouds without interrupting current workload function and performance of the client. The automation enables cloud migration to multiple servers and large workloads to be effectively migrated at the same time, saving time and costs associated with migrations. The company’s SaaS solution is deployed by leading cloud infrastructure and service brands such as Cisco, VMWare, Hewlett Packard and Ericsson

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