20 Most Promising Cloud Consulting Companies - 2014

It is a challenging for enterprises to locate the most ideal solutions from large numbers of cloud solutions available in the market that perfectly fits in the first attempt itself. Therefore, identifying the right cloud consultants is the first step towards successful utilization of cloud. Here are 20 Most Promising Cloud Consulting Companies 2014.

Company Name

Company Description

Appvance A provider of advanced and beginning-to-end apps testing for better performance by employing cloud.
Configero Cloud deployments have been hard to come by considering the diversity in Enterprise IT today. With growing consumer market, the task ahead of the CRM providers to track and reach to different segments of the customer in providing solutions in sales, technology and marketing can be a challenging endeavor. So what companies need is a technology partner that can offer the best path in improving business processes and performance. Founded in 2009, Configero leverages its expertise in CRM and ensures integration of various domains on the Salesforce platform. Configero provides a complete life-cycle approach to CRM, touching several industries including technology, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, telecom and many more.
Global Cloud Consulting Cloud computing, despite its highly lucrative benefits, brings forward certain difficulties during its implementation and running. The present cloud market is very vast with large numbers of cloud service providers, and a plethora of solutions. To a great extent, an organization’s success depends on identifying the perfect cloud solution providers, such as Global Cloud Consulting (GCC). The company, since 2012, has been redefining the ways of cloud implementation. The focus is on extending proven and practical strategies to cloud implementation with the aim to address different challenges associated with the technology.
KIO Networks The industry is fast-paced; in constant evolution whereInformation Technology service providers becoming more competitive. This dynamic has only given another chance for the Mexican IT critical mission company, KIO Networks to demonstrate the reason they are number one in America, thanks to its offering of high availability services. It motivates the firm to keep up with the rhythm of large global companies. “The increasing business dynamics in Latin America is under pressure for competing in global markets and an impressive demand for integrated solutions running in high availability data centers along with IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions, allowing businesses to rapidly adopt all technology innovations in mobility, big data analytics, transformations to cloud and virtualized environments and hence gain competitive and elastic cost structures. All this paint points are resolved and efficiently responded by KIO Networks,” adds Sergio Rosengaus, CEO of the company.
Solinea In spite of the huge benefits and opportunities with the cloud, entrepreneurs have to constantly monitor the latest cloud computing trends, and regularly update the organization’s cloud strategies. Without these, any organization would find it difficult to avoid expensive mistakes and keep a close watch on current as well as future market opportunities. Taking care of these prominent concerns of organizations is Solinea, a San Francisco, California based software and services firm purpose-built to enable advanced cloud strategy, architecture and integration services to enterprises, SaaS and Service Providers. Through a specific approach based on OpenStack Software, Solinea, led by Francesco Paola, CEO, has successfully solved several critical cloud computing infrastructure challenges.
Teraco Data Environments In the current industry, there is a need for connectivity, guaranteed power, security, vendor neutrality and 100 percent free peering. Isando, Johannesburg headquartered Teraco Data Environments caters to these pain-points in the current market. The vendor neutral data centre collocation operator gives businesses a technically superior, physically safer, lower cost environment for their information systems with the flexibility to grow on demand.
Vigience Software-As-a-Service (SaaS) has been a revelation in identifying a business and the applications or processes related to it. Software providers have always favored their businesses to be hosted on cloud, and SaaS enables it. But a walkthrough of business applications when considered, the practice is still the same when it comes to hosting applications or processes related in connecting them to any solution.
WinWire Technologies Enterprises are in dire need of being mobile and to accelerate mobile application development initiatives to serve the rapidly growing mobile market. With more and more mobile devices and OSproliferating the enterprise space, there is a rise in demand for applications that improve productivity and intelligence-on-the-go. The recent trend of re-consolidation of mobility under IT management indicates the evolving maturity of enterprise mobility as core infrastructure, essential to remaining competitive in today’s global economy. However, the fact remains that enterprise mobility is still facing gaps due to Platform Fragmentation, Device Fragmentation, OS Fragmentation, Backlog of new mobile apps or enhancements, Budget Constraints and Security, Performance and Usability.