20 Most Promising Cloud Consulting Companies - 2014

It is a challenging for enterprises to locate the most ideal solutions from large numbers of cloud solutions available in the market that perfectly fits in the first attempt itself. Therefore, identifying the right cloud consultants is the first step towards successful utilization of cloud. Here are 20 Most Promising Cloud Consulting Companies 2014.

Top Cloud Companies

A provider of advanced and beginning-to-end apps testing for better performance by employing cloud

A provider of consulting services and cloud applications to empower the CRM industry

A company helping enteprises to easily implement and effectively utilize cloud solutions

A provider of high degree technological integration from the data center and infrastructure to the platform, software and business process as a service "SaaS", globally

A provider of cloud services in disaster recovery, fall over sites, server collocation, virtual Server Infrastructure and others

A provider of cloud strategy, architecture and integration services for enterprises, service providers and SaaS. The firm employs an OpenStack based cloud approach

A vendor neutral data centre colocation operator

A provider of high-quality software consulting and business development services for firms involved in mobile and cloud computing arena

A provider of software services with focus on mobile-enabling enterprise applications leveraging native, HTML5, Mobile Enterprise Application Platform and cloud as a back-end (MBaaS) technologies

Altaflux Corp.

A provider of technology and business consulting services with an expertise in cloud and enterprise 2.0 technology

Aptaria, Inc.

A provider of cloud services with the aim to help global companies effectively implement and customize SalesForce CRM and other cloud services

Channel Cloud Consulting

A boutique consulting firm with expertise in creating and developing partner, go-to-market and channel strategies for the technology sector, with special focus on cloud-based business models

ClearScale, LLC

A provider of cutting edge cloud computing and application development services

CloudSense Ltd.

A consulting firm with focus on enabling firms to make the most of SalesForce and other cloud applications

Dinoct, Inc.

A provider of infrastructure solutions trying to enable innovative and cost effective cloud technologies and managed service solutions for enterprises across the world

FogHorn Consulting, Inc.

A provider of IT cloud services with focus on effective planning, strategy and implementation of cloud

Kashyak, LLC

A provider of a range of cloud services for building custom applications on Salesforce.com's force.com and Google App Engine, and expert solutions on cloud adoption and free cloud rollout

Sada Systems

An IT Consulting and cloud computing solutions provider focused on creating innovative business solutions


A provider of Managed IT Services, IT Consulting, Data Storage and Backup, and Onsite IT Support for firms located in Columbus, OH as well as the nearby states

Uptime Systems, LLC

A provider of cloud services with focus on the legal sector. Its cloud and consulting services avoid the need for in-house infrastructure and outside IT support