Top 20 Cloud Solution Companies - 2015

Cloud computing has fast gained traction across all industries with its effectiveness to empower businesses across the globe. Cloud storage wars and innovative software offerings are making cloud an even more attractive place to do business. With its rising demand across industries like telecom, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), education, retail, health care and government, enterprises and consumers are increasingly turning to cloud to simplify IT, and bring their businesses to a new digital world.

 In addition to economic merits from cloud services like flexibility, agility, speed and innovation, most enterprises today look out for scalable, cost-efficient and pay-per-use pricing models. Even though the growth of cloud computing platforms is going to be exponential, there is also a dilemma as to how its full value to business can be harnessed. The key concerns pertaining to security, compliance, outrages and data proliferation has made it essential for businesses to continually monitor computing trends in order to keep updating their cloud strategies. Moreover, hybrid cloud computing is set to become an imperative, in the form of a unified integrated cloud model of internal and external cloud platforms.

 In order to help CIOs to fully exploit the potential of cloud model and help them cater to their burning requirements, in the last few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts including CIOReview editorial board reviewed top companies in the cloud domain, and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling industry challenges. The selection panel looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill needs of buyers with effective solutions that curb the challenges. We present to you 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers.

    Top Cloud Solution Companies

  • 1

    3CLogic offers a full suite of inbound, outbound, and blended cloud call center solutions designed to improve any business’s sales, marketing, service, and support initiatives.

  • 2

    A cloud based software solutions provider revolutionizing the way small and medium sized businesses increase revenue and profit.

  • 3

    Provider of technology solutions, cloud infrastructure, medical CRM, events management tool, and legal management online.

  • 4

    The company delivers Products and solutions in the Big Data and Analytics space.

  • 5

    Demand Solutions Group offers accelerated solutions based on ERP, CRM, and CPM applications.

  • 6

    A cloud services brokerage company that combines its offeringswith products from the leading cloud providers to meet the emerging technology requirements of enterprises and government.

  • 7

    Focusing on end-to-end business process assurance through smart and efficient automation.

  • 8

    EtQ provides best-in-class integrated modules and enterprise application integration to manage and measure quality and compliance processes, and execute organizational change.

  • 9

    An industry-leading healthcare financial technology platform provider.

  • 10

    A leading healthcare cloud CRM company focused exclusively on personalizing the healthcare experience for consumers and providers

  • 11

    Helping business information systems to be more reliable, secure and less expensive.

  • 12

    Offers broad range of innovative and cost-effective software and technology solutions and services that help customers transition to the cloud

  • 13

    A provider of enterprise-class cloud IT solutions that protects the firms from redundancies, risks and compliance issues

  • 14

    Provider of data centre, cloud, eCommerce, managed hosting, security and connectivity services to global customers

  • 15

    Provider of cloud-based application that makes it easier to manage initiatives and deliver results

  • 16

    Sofbang leverages the Oracle Cloud Platform to provide enterprises with scalable, flexible and extendible solutions

  • 17

    Provider of cloud based QMS and compliance management software

  • 18

    Helps enterprises and technology leaders achieve agile business environment by leveraging collaborative and analytic accelerators and cloud based technologies

  • 19

    One of the world’s oldest hosts – circa 1996, operating its own data centers and coast-to-coast IP backbone, offering a full range of cloud, dedicated & managed hosting services.

  • 20

    Evolve IP

    Evolve IP

    Provides clients with an unified option for cloud services, enables decision makers to migrate all or select IT technologies into Evolve Ip's platform.