Top 20 Cloud Companies - 2017

Considering the growing acceptance of cloud migration across large and small enterprises, it is a given that cloud computing is here to stay. The security aspect alone is enough to convince large enterprises and SMBs alike that cloud computing paradigms offer ironclad protection to mission-critical data. In addition to the bread and butter features of unlimited storage and scalability, cheap upfront payments, and ease of deployment, the cloud also adds value to up-and-coming networking technologies. Container technology is one such example, where the cloud can catalyze viable means for initiating and deploying micro-services as well as applications.

A powerful synergy is envisioned in the convergence of machine learning with cloud computing, both deriving from the other to help organizations develop a competitive edge across verticals. On the other hand, serverless computing is on the rise with its ability to automatically execute code snippets upon request, thereby easing the burden on developers.

What’s more, most companies are now on the run to leverage multi-cloud strategies while moving toward a ‘lift and shift’ framework, by which they can select and combine optimal services from multiple providers. As hybrid cloud continues to gain more limelight, enterprises are steadily gravitating toward Cloud Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) to keep track of performance across multiple suppliers. With major players tapping into cloud services, the technology is transforming the face of business.

 The market today abounds in a bevy of cloud solution providers armed with state-of-the-art technologies that can help companies mitigate the possibility of threats and gain proactive ideas to deal with the burning challenges. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and CIOReview’s editorial board has reviewed the top cloud solution providers and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of this competitive industry.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers 2017.

    Top Cloud Solution Companies

  • 1

    Avanxo allow organizations to optimize their IT processes through target-oriented cloud solutions

  • 2

    Develops and markets a cloud-based, fully-secure, “software defined” application delivery infrastructure to deliver business applications to end-users’ personal devices

  • 3

    Iono provides solutions that help enterprises transform their current legacy IT environment to a hybrid cloud computing environment

  • 4

    Cloud and data center enablement firm specialized in designing and sourcing of hybrid colocation and IaaS deployments globally

  • 5

    Provider of Database-as-a-Service for SAP HANA, Oracle, and MS SQL as well as full SAP-as-a-Service offerings for mission-critical workloads on AWS and Azure

  • 6

    Provides groundbreaking Constituent Engagement Solutions to empower constituent-focused organizations with cutting-edge technology

  • 7

    A leader in consulting and managed services that guarantees successful cloud onboarding, operation, and optimization

  • 8

    Redefining cloud-based perimeter security to enable and secure trusted access to services and data

  • 9

    Provides cloud-based and managed solutions to help businesses strengthen and protect their IT infrastructure

  • 10

    Provides TransitionManager software and professional services to orchestrate the end-to-end process for hybrid IT transitions and mass cloud migrations

  • 11

    Amazon Web Services [NASDAQ:AMZN]

    Amazon Web Services [NASDAQ:AMZN]

    A highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses

  • 12

    CenturyLink [NYSE:CTL]

    CenturyLink [NYSE:CTL]

    Enables customer IT transformation by orchestrating the delivery of infrastructure, applications, and services across multiple clouds

  • 13

    Google [NASDAQ:GOOGL]

    Google [NASDAQ:GOOGL]

    Provides a full spectrum of cloud products and services for compute, storage, networking, big data, machine learning, operations, and more

  • 14



    Develops, engineers, and delivers solutions exclusively for the public sector, particularly in cloud systems, software-defined systems, mobile computing, and applications development

  • 15

    Microsoft [NASDAQ:MSFT]

    Microsoft [NASDAQ:MSFT]

    Enables organizations to unlock greater insights, transform teamwork, and enable innovative solutions through the secure Microsoft Cloud

  • 16

    Rackspace [NYSE:RAX]

    Rackspace [NYSE:RAX]

    Provides best-fit for unique IT and cloud needs, across multi-tenant and single-tenant platforms, in data centers

  • 17

    Salesforce [NYSE:CRM]

    Salesforce [NYSE:CRM]

    Social, mobile cloud technologies, flagship sales, CRM applications that help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees

  • 18



    Offers integrated high-performance cloud infrastructure and cuttingedge services into enterprise IT environment with the IBM Bluemix cloud platform

  • 19

    UVision Consulting

    UVision Consulting

    We help small & large organizations transform, innovate & grow through web, mobile, cloud, AI, data analytics & IoT technologies

  • 20



    Provides cloud technology and services purpose-built for the complex needs of global IT organizations