Top 10 Cloud Solutions Companies - 2022

Over the last couple of years, organizations spanning all industries and sizes have been forced to fully embrace digital transformations at an astonishing. Businesses that had not yet moved their data to the cloud while others accelerated their on-premise to cloud shifts. Enterprise agility and the ability to innovate, adapt, and quickly respond to customer expectations are no longer a choice but the very cornerstone of a successful digital transformation. To meet the ever-evolving customer demands and defend themselves against new competitors, businesses need to become digitally-driven fundamentally.

Without a doubt, the new decade will be highlighted by three major trends, universal cloud adoption; usage of data everywhere; and empowering AI to sift through and simplify the analysis of data stored in the cloud. However, despite the acceleration of cloud transformations, a significant volume of enterprise data still resides on-premises. As a result, hybrid solutions that were once downplayed by hyperscalers have reemerged as not only practical but likely a better approach. As businesses transition from a cloud-first era to a time when the cloud is ubiquitous, enterprises need to be selecting which cloud service provider is best suited for them rather than debating on whether the transformation is required.

To make this task easier and assist leaders in identifying the right cloud solution providers and cloud service companies, CIO Review presents to you “10 Most Promising Cloud solutions Providers 2022.” A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts, and the CIO Review editorial board has selected the most promising cloud solution providers and services companies. In our selection process, we looked at the company’s offerings, core competency, news/ press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognition.

    Cloud Solution Companies

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    Avesha can significantly help enterprises by enabling them to effortlessly streamline their cluster management and latency monitorin

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    BEZNext helps companies with Cloud Performance and Financial Governance (FinOps) through software, services, and training

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    The largest independent cloud and managed services software hosting provider in the healthcare industry.

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    Guide-Rails is a comprehensive software development platform that accelerates, standardizes, and scales software delivery across an enterprise.Businesses of all sizes can use this revolutionary technology to prevent errors, improve software supply chain security and expedite their software development transformation. Guide-Rails combines continuous integration, security scanning, compliance, deployments, operational monitoring and the sharing of data into a single system.Software developers benefit from having self-service pipelines that run automatically with complexity removed, plus easy access to information they need from an elegant user interface. The platform enables developers to perform iterative software development where small batches of code are deployed frequently into production, a recipe for innovation.

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    iT1 is a cloud solution provider that helps organizations identify the value proposition of the cloud, conduct risk reduction, and compliance assessment, and implement the best cloud solutions according to their workload and operations. iT1 is a behemoth in on-premise or cloud solutions and provides comprehensive IT services. The company has a 24*7 Network Operations Center (NOC), Help desk, and Lab services to deploy pre-configured equipment and a warehouse to store and deploy assets on clients’ demands.

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    The California-based company is a leading IT solutions provider committed to offering 24x7 state-of-the-art on-premise support service, cloud implementations, and mission-critical repairs. With a technology agnostic and performance-based solution delivery model, the company even brings infosec(Cyber Security) and virtualization solutions (both Cloud and On-prem) for an affordable cost. As an approved CMAS vendor, KIS can offer various on-site and virtual managed services, including setup, installation, training, monitoring, maintenance, and reporting for agencies that are budget limited.

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    Model9 revolutionizes enterprise core business data management and delivers innovation to large enterprises looking for a fast, smooth, and low-risk path to cloud as their data management environment

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    The company is a consortium of 17 high-performing managed service providers with unique specializations with offices throughout North America. New Charter Technologies has a 650+ strong workforce (with 450+ technical professionals) that leverage the organization’s significant IT resources to deliver best-in-class technology solutions capable of propelling clients into the digital world. Unlike most managed services offerings that only focus on the implementation of a cloud ecosystem, New Charter Technologies’ portfolio is built around aligning technology to business goals and requirements, from the initial cloud strategy development to the final deployment of the cloud technology.

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    Empowers organizations to achieve science and engineering breakthroughs with high performance computing built for the cloud

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    Systemware’s intelligent content services platform, Content Cloud, helps organizations modernize their content management systems, connect disparate repositories, streamline processes, and enable content for business intelligence